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I don't know how many of you believe the Star Wars ring theory which basically claims George Lucas is secretly brilliant, especially when it comes to framing certain shots in the prequels to look almost identical to shots from thr OT.  Your opinion on whether the prequels are actually good or not is irelevant here because all I'm talking about is how it seems Lucas can frame a shot to look almost identical to a shot from a completely different movie or even a scene from the same movie.  The point: When watching through ROTJ again I noticed something, a lot of the poses and angles of the shots Leia is in /before/ she's captured seem to be like a dark reflection/foreshadowing of the poses she's in when she's captured.  Sinc I don't know how to add images to this thing thus leaving me with no evidence to back it up, I'll just say scroll through the Leia's Capture gallery and The Day After gallery and tell me you don't see some similarities between certain images.  Anyone have any thoguhts on this?


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