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scott slave embrace
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It's more than obvious to us all that Jabba and other Hutts delight in forcing their slaves to dance for them and their court as it's one of the many duties slave girls must fulfill and it's very doubtful Leia would have been spared of that humiliating task. 

What kind of dancing style do you think Leia would have used to entertain her master and his court?

Would Leia have eventually mastered a particular style of dancing and rely on it often to entertain Jabba and others?

Would Leia have sometimes performed alongside the other dancers and how well would she have gotten along with them on the dance floor?

How soon after do you believe she would have been forced to dance if the execution at the Sarlacc pit was successful and she remained Jabba's slave?

And do you think there's a possibility she already did a performance before Luke arrived despite there being no info or clear implications that she did; however Leia was a slave for at least a whole day?

What are your thoughts on this?

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Gameorrean Pron Star
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I think her royal upbringing would have included several forms of dancing, especially for receptions and diplomatic functions. Certainly she would have been forced to put some of that training to use in the entertainment of Jabbas and his court
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