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scott slave embrace
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The main reason most of us are fans of Slave Leia's and Jabba's scenes is because of the Gold Bikini; but what if her costume was different or less sexier and skimpier? Would we be less into it if her costume wasn't what it is, would we still be fans of those scenes, would there still be a fandom based on those scenes, would fan sites like this exist and would we still enjoy seeing Leia wearing whatever costume during her enslavement?

What are your thoughts on this?

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Hhhhhhhmmmmmmm, In some way I think our fandom would demission would it be less sexy of an outfit.  You might not find it as attractive then on other girls that cosplay in such outfit.  But then there are those like me who are more interested in the slavery of Leia to the Hutt.  Now those people would still stick around for that even if the costume wasn't that sexy of one.  I admit I think it would have been a bit interesting to see Leia dressed up in Oola's outfit instead.  But the golden bikini is still number one.  Without I think this would still exist just far less people withouth that golden bikini.

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