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Now some of you on youtube may have noticed that my channel is closed, the channel is closed yes; and this time I am not coming back.  I've had fun making content for you all but now I have to leave to pursue other means.  I want to thank everyone that commented on my videos and gave me a thumbs up, you guys made it worth while.  I wish I could've closed my channel down in a more ceremonial way, but time is short and I have to bid you all farewell.

Send me out with a fade out of Lapti-Nek Please.


it's hard taking up Mr.slavemaker's mantle, but it must be done for the good of the fandom; also it's good for Jabba the Hutt's ego.

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Not sure why you needed to delete your channel in order to retire from video making..... -_-


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I agree with SlaveWatcher here dude.  That is totally cool if you want to retire and stop making videos.  But why in the world would you delete your page and all those fantastic videos you made.  :(  I miss your page already and the videos.  Now they are gone forever.  Why would you get rid of them like that?  You could have kept the page up. 

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