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I have a question for you fans.  Could Leia have been "Tortured" during her time with Jabba?  Now I use the term Tortured lightly cause it could be direct indirect or even sexual torture.  In a few interesting rps I've done with others over the last few years.  One idea has come across of Leia being sent to EV-9D9 and even though he is seen torturing Droids I imagine it would be no small feat to torture poor Leia down there.  Do others feel the same or what kind of torture do you think might have awaited Leia?

In one of these fantasy rps I did enjoy the thought of Leia being placed in a scan grid while in Jabba's Palace.  The scan grid is the torture device used on Han Solo from Empire Strikes Back.  Only difference is its Leia being strapped to and is naked or in her slave outfit and instead of storm troopers its two Gamorreans placing her in it.  And instead of Darth Vader in the room its Bib Fortune or EV-9D9.  And she is then lowered onto the scan grid as it turns on and starts to shock and torture her in some manner.  I was curous if anyone else has had this experience in their rps or have had this thought while Leia was Jabba's slave?

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Well, i have no problem believing that if Leia disobeyed too much to the point that Jabba is fed up, instead of feeding her to the Rancor because i personally believe Leia is his favourite and he wouldn't terminate her, he might subject her to the kind of torture you described to teach her a lesson. But then again, running the risk of Leia suffering lasting bruises or scars if that's what scan grid torture could do to humans, Jabba wouldn't allow that but i can still see Leia being put through very harsh tortures during her time as Jabba's slave.

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Disobedience could be punished simply by sticking her in a room with a bunch of horny henchmen or at least the threat of it
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