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These are some random thoughts I've had about Leia and what happened to her in RotJ.  Here are just a few.

1: Did Leia have any idea what Jabba would do to her if she was caught?

2: Did she count on being chained o Jabba's throne and dressed in such a  manner?

3: What happened to the Boussh armor?

Feel free to discuss bellow.


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I would expect Leia learnt some of the Hutt culture and history from her education on the galaxy, being a Princess and Politician and all, therefore Leia being aware that Jabba has a Harem and must have known if caught she could be added to it.

There would be some facts on Hutt slavery that would remain a mystery only until prisoners experience it. I'm sure whatever Leia imagined Jabba would do to her failed in comparison to what Jabba really subjected her to. She wished the experience of being a Hutt slave was only as bad as she imagined.

As for her Boushh disguise. I've read in some sources that it was simply disgarded after Leia was forced out of it and i personally believe it was basically thrown away or destroyed; i don't see what use they would have for clothes Leia was taken out of in favour of Harem costumes to serve Jabba in and he would instantly deem garments like that unsuitable for his women. 

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