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Apparently, there's been talk of Disney unwilling to approve of any more Slave Leia merchandise. Will this greatly reduce the chances of ever seeing a new costume in the SW franchise that could serve as the Metal Bikini's successor?


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I'm not sure. The costume was purely situational. It wasn't something Leia wanted to wear. So I think that whether we'll see another slave girl costume again depends on whether any of the new characters will become enslaved (or pretend to be).


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Well this is bad news. Shows Disney is ruining Star Wars one step at a time.

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That is what I'm afraid is going to happen with these movies since they won't listen to George since he created it in the first place.  But I will admit it does look good so far and Abrams is going to be under a tight microscope the moment the movie comes out.  I do hope they change their mind once they realize they even enslaved Jasmine back in the 90s cartoon.  So I would love to see Rey in a slave outfit.

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