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A very short little story of Leia killing Jabba from a friend who runs the very straightforward Jabba Dies channel on YouTube.


The battle raged outside of the sail barge. Mighty Jabba the Hutt bawled orders angrily in Huttese as his guards and courtiers ran from the room, leaving him and his slave alone. The slave struck. It was time.


"I hate you for what you did to me. But I also love you for it. I'm going to kill you, but I'm gonna make it fun..." said Leia, slinging the chain around Jabba's throat. "And with the battle going on, no one will disturb us. We've got all this time to ourselves. So get comfortable and relax. Let me do all the work. Goodbye, Jabba."


And for over a minute, she slowly choked him to death, making him hate but also love it.


The battle faded away. All thoughts of Leia's royalty, the Rebellion, Jabba's criminal empire. It disappeared as in that moment, the tables were turned, the master becoming the slave, and the slave the mistress. She held his life in her hands and she was going to take it.


Jabba was too proud to beg. Not that it would have saved him. So he endured what his slave turned murderer dished out. At the same time, he fought, proudly, for life, hoping someone would save him... but some dark corner hoped nobody would. The chain digging into his throat was unusually pleasant, and in their private moment, the Hutt wanted to see it through to the end. His end. His struggles were futile, anyway. Jabba was often called "mighty," when in fact there was nothing mighty about him. A fat, bloated pitiful thing incapable of moving under his own power, and so he could do nothing to save himself.


Any other being, no matter what they'd done, Leia might have been merciful, might have taken pity on. Any other cruel and perverted being, Leia would spare. Not Jabba. This vile creature deserved only to die as slowly as she could manage in the timeframe the battle had given to her. But despite her hatred of him, there was a beautiful simplicity and honesty in his cruelty and perversion, and so Leia was killing him this way as a reward. There was no mercy in the Princess' steely gaze. Her skin perspired as she admired her handiwork, the crime lord incapable of stopping this half-naked object of his sexual gratification from toying with, and slowly taking, his life.


So she pulled, sweated and tugged on that chain. Once the chain bound her. Now, it was her lifeline, the thing allowing her to cut off the fetid breath to the Hutt's diseased lungs and slowly eke the life from his massive, revolting form. But Leia's chain of life for herself, was a chain of death for her former master who was just beginning what was going to be his brief life as her slave, ending in his death.


His bulbous reptilian eyes, normally half-closed in slinky pleasure, bulged forth from their sockets, mucus dribbling copiously from his lopsided slits of a nose, his enormous maw open trying to scream for help, but nothing but gutteral groans and gurgles coming out... and the tongue, the rancid, vile wormlike thing that had so often sought Leia's beautiful mouth in a horrifying kiss, now stuck out, fat, bloated, and slapped about, flinging saliva in every direction. The Hutt reeled, choked and gurgled. Grinning a bit, Leia let up slightly... enough to let Jabba take in one gulp of air to extend his undeserving life of cruelty and pervsion a few more seconds, to give him a taste of mercy and forgiveness... only to snatch it away again with another harsh jerk of the chain digging into his windpipe.


Another few moments passed. Leia was aware it'd been but moments since she had begun killing the crime lord. But it felt like hours. In the dim light of the sail barge interior, the dance continued, and between her mixed feelings towards her former master and the things they'd experienced together and the oddly moody atmosphere of the room, Leia decided this dance of death was a dance of love as well. She loved Jabba as much as she hated him. And she prayed silently that he understood this as she ended his reign of terror for all time, loosening the chain a second time. A second, and, she decided, final, gulp of air was taken in. Jabba was slipping fast as she pulled the chain taut for the final time.


"Master," she said, "I'm not letting up until you're dead this time, so make your peace, and thank you for the forbidden pleasures you've shown me. If only you hadn't been so cruel, perhaps this would've ended differently."


Jabba's only "response" was more frenzied gargling, retching and groaning noises, his eyes so huge they were about to burst, the swollen tongue reaching, straining so hard Leia was unsure if it was begging for mercy, searching vainly for air, or trying to escape from Jabba's doomed mouth.


Then with one final, throaty groan, Leia threw back her head, thrust her breasts upwards as she arched her back, feeling her arms ready to come out of their sockets she was pulling so hard, there was a choking, phlegmy gargle, a final, weak flick of that tongue, and the eyes slid half-closed once more. He was going... going... his fat little hands clutched at his throat as he looked up at the ceiling, swollen tongue protruding, dribbling slime... he felt as if his head was about to pop... and then a slow peace, a grateful release, washed over his mind like a cleansing flood, and Jabba knew no more. The hideous bulk tipped forwards into an unmoving sitting position, and the tongue hung limply.


Jabba was dead.


"Ugh," Leia said, and released the chain, allowing the stale air trapped in the corpse's lungs to escape from the partially open dead maw in a hideous, gurgling death rattle.


After this sound faded away into silence, Jabba neither moved nor made a sound again. Feeling both pleased and disgusted, Leia he got back on the dais and kissed Jabba's upper lip with a gentleness she hadn't thought she'd possessed for him, and came away, her lips moistened by his saliva and snot. She licked her lips, then, feeling foolish, spat the mouthful into the open maw and left and went to find Artoo, leaving Jabba sitting dead upon his dais like a sack of garbage.


The End.


Unlike Threepio, I can bear to watch.

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