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When Leia is captured we find that Jabba was hidding behind a curtain in a little alcove.  Now most people think including myself he just slithered back in there and hide during or after the party.  Even in Tales from Jabba's Palace they say they were hiding in there for an after party.  However in the wonderful cross section art book I found that it is in fact an elevator.  So its not just a simple alcove with a mere curtain in front of it.  It is in fact an elevator that also surprisingly leads to Jabba's suite. 

So this theory now comes to mind and makes me wonder if others feel the same way.  Did Jabba leave the party go to his suite and then just had to go down and around the corridor and take his elevator down with Bib and C3PO and then wait for Leia's arrival?  Or did he just simply sneak back into his own throne room before Leia arrived and hide in there?   

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