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Leia and her friends already known from the beginning that Han were to deliver to Jabba the hutt in ep5, so they knew their destination. Then why they wouldn't go to Tatooine and rescue Han earlier. After Lando successfully disguised as Jabba guard in Jabba palace, Leia could start their rescue mission needless to wait Luke finish his training. That hologram from R2 might change from Luke to Leia threaten Jabba that she is princess and rebel leader and demand Jabba to release Han instead. However we already knew that she will be enslaved in no time.

Then what could happen after that if Luke is not finished his training yet. Will he choose to continue his training in Degobah or come to Tatooine to rescue them. If he decided to come, then how many days for Leia to endure her humiliate? Do you think he could beat Rancor and Boba Fett if he still not finish his training?

If he choose to finish his training, how long he could come to rescue them? Do you think Leia will break before he show up or she will get eaten by Rancor beforehand?

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