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Listening to the radio drama version of Return of the Jedi, I realized that Mighty Jabba's harem is run a little differently there than in most EU sources. As opposed to being enslaved, almost all of the women who dance for the Exalted One are paid performers, including Oola. This comes up in discussion between Threepio and a woman named Arica (who I'm given to understand is a disguised Mara Jade), where the droid inquires about Oola, and it's explicitly stated that Mighty Jabba pays her, but that there's "one dance" (possibly something erotic or sexual) she refuses to do, which is what eventually angers the Hutt enough to drop her into the pit.

However, this doesn't apply to Leia, who, when captured, is explicitly referred to as having been enslaved. Making her, in this version at least, the only dancing girl in the palace who is a slave, or at least the only one kept there against her will. Even Oola's leash (referred to as a chain) is implied to be merely part of her costume as opposed to keeping her there against her will like Leia, which makes our favorite slave princess more special by being the only actual slave.

I'd suggest this was done to lessen references to sexual slavery, except that Mighty Jabba still sexually enslaves Leia, so, what do you guys think? Why were Oola and the other girls changed from slaves into merely performers for the radio drama?


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Why were Oola and the other girls changed from slaves into merely performers for the radio drama?

As with any large body of canon, the EU can be filled with tons of little inconsistancies like what you described. Especially when back then, there was far less central oversight to keep everything straight. Since the rest of the SW canon seems to ignore this intepretation of Oola's employment, I personally won't put much stock into it either (even though I do like the radio drama's scene where Jabba captures Leia).


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