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After Leia is forced into Slavery and dressed up for the job, how much time passed when Luke came to the rescue; one day, maybe two days or more?

How would have Jabba tested out his new personal slave and what kind of horrors was Leia subjected to within the first hours or through out the first day of being his slave?

And what would Leia's first reactions or impressions to the experience have been like compared to much later? 

What might have happened after Leia is turned into a slave and before Luke arrived?

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I had always assumed that Luke arrived the morning after Han and Leia were captured. If it had been a longer stretch of time, several days or even a week or two, I think Han and Chewie would have both looked a lot more gaunt and filthy when we next saw them again, after Luke killed the Rancor. If you believe that Leia has been a slave for a long period of time before Luke comes to the rescue, then that would mean that Han and Chewie have been in that dank dungeon together the whole time, too. But when the pair are reunited with Luke, they both look none the worse for wear. Han appears clean-shaven and his clothes aren't even dirty. If they had been in the dungeon for a long time, you'd expect them both to look soiled and emaciated.

As for Leia's reaction to her enslavement, well, she's pretty tough. She probably just grit her teeth and put up with it, knowing that if she could endure for a little while, help would arrive. In the meantime, she didn't want to do anything rash that might anger Jabba and endanger herself and Han. You want to me wear this ridiculous outfit, keep me on a leash? OK, whatever, you slimy blob of lard. You're gonna regret this. I've survived worse.

Prior to this, Leia had already been tortured by Darth Vader, watched her home be blown to atoms by the Death Star, and watched the man she loves be turned into an ice sculpture. By the time she reached Jabba's palace, she was an iron princess. She was unbreakable. Being the Hutt's trophy girl was humiliating, but she knew how to bide her time and wait for the right moment to spring into action. 


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I think all of us would love the thought that Jabba got to have Leia in his company for longer than a day or night.  But based on the movie and books its clearly only a few hours or only just for the remainer of that evening.  But I do believe that Tatooine's nights are just as long as their days which seems to be a lot longer than your average world.  So he might haven't gotten to spend at least a good few hours with his new slave girl.  

Now I would expect Leia would have been a little resist to the idea of wearing that outfit at first.  Just like how she was being brought to Jabba showing off her strength and being resist.  But once she realized that she needs to stay alive and wait for Luke to arrive in the next few hours she would have put it on willingly. 

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