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Today we have many scandal clip recorded from mobile phone or camera and etc .So I wonder why can't star wars galaxy have some scandal clip

too since they are more advance in technology than Earth today.

You know that Leia is so sexy when she was Jabba's slave which I think there might be someone who got a camera or something that can record

 take a picture or record a clip of  Leia while she was Jabba's slave. I quite sure that some Jabba's goons must do this.  And of course that clip or

pictures were leaked to Horonet and it might cause Leia to be ashamed later. 

Do you think this thing could happen?

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Certainly. I'm sure several underground copies of Jabbas security feeds made it out after the subsequent demise of Jabbas and the ransacking of his palace. Most may not believe it as genuine as I'm sure there would be National Enquirer style Imperial propaganda floating around to discredit the Rebellion
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