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In ep5 TESB when Luke was training with Yoda, he foresaw Han was being tortured by the Empire.

So do you think that in  ROTJ which Luke has completed his training already, did he foresee Leia's slavery

like he foresaw Han's torture in EP5.

If he did foresee that why he still let Leia continue their plan. 

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I for one don't think he did.  And if he did he sure would not have let Leia go through with it.  He so would have warned her before they would have gone through it.  The way Luke glances down at Leia while he is talking Jabba almost seems to suggest he was surprised to see her there like that.  I still don't believe her capture was never part of the plan either.  And besides he doesn't even seem to get any other visions of the future throughout the rest of ROTJ.  Why didn't he get anything of the future of their plans to attack the Death Star?  I don't think he ability to see the future wasn't mastered just yet.

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