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A WIP, inspired by the great SlaveLeiaCuts on DeviantArt and YouTube. Be forewarned, Leia fans, this doesn't end well for our favorite Princess...


In the dim coolness of the palace's audience chamber, Mighty Jabba slept, dozing peacefully as his enormous hulk rested on the stone expanse of his dais, his head bowed slightly, eyes tightly shut. He breathed in and out through his nostrils, from which mucus slowly dripped, giving his breathing a deep, wheezing, but also quiet, sound.


His courtiers, guards and various other scum and villainy lay here and there thrughout the cavernous room, huddled into corners, snuggling into piles, sprawling here and there on the floor and sleeping sitting up on the steps, all snoring peacefully. Apart from the gentle sounds of their sleeping, softly drowned out by the Hutt's congested snoring, there was no noise in the chamber save for the soft chittering of Salacious Crumb as he watched Mighty Jabba's thick tail wriggling against the bare thigh of his master's most prized possession.


His Princess. His slave.


Leia Organa. Around her throat was an ornate golden collar. It kept her close to her master at all times, for a chain hung from the front of it, trailing gently down her side and around her back, up into the small, fat, almost childlike hands of Mighty Jabba. Even while he slept, he dared not release the chain that kept his prize bound to him in servitude.


She lay sprawled sensually before his great bloated belly on the dais, unable to sleep, wide awake in the stillness, looking at the floor and ignoring Salacious Crumb. It wasn't that she wasn't comfortable. Jabba's pliant belly felt good against her naked back, and the pillows were of the finest silks and velvets, stained though they were in slime, drool, mucus, and various other unmentionable bodily fluids. She was in the lap of luxury, almost literally, for the very tail that so held Crumb's interest was partially curled around Leia and her nest of pillows, providing a nice, moist hollow for the nearly naked human female to recline in.


No, she couldn't sleep because anger burned inside her. Anger at the fact she'd fallen so far so fast. Once, she'd been a senator for Alderaan and a princess in one of its foremost royal houses, not to mention a highly respected leader of the Rebellion. And now she was a slave and plaything. She'd been robbed of her freedom, stripped of her clothes and then her dignity, and forced to endure the vilest of depravities, and to watch her companions die grisly deaths one by one.


She'd come to rescue Han, but now he was dead and she was the one who needed rescuing. Jabba had slaked his lusty thirst on her the very first night, ending her very first session of slime, sex and sickness with a special "gift" for his new dancing girl. As she'd lain exhausted upon the dais, naked, glistening in sweat and the fluids of the Hutt's grotesque love, he'd treated her to a post-coital performance that saw Han Solo and his Wookiee companion Chewbacca brought in. Leia, ashamed, remembered being grateful that Han was still suffering from the blindness that came with hibernation sickness. He couldn't see her slick, ill-used body. Chewie had issued an angry yowl of dismay and horror at the sight, though, and at Jabba's insistence, a nervous and embarrassed Threepio had described the Princess' ordeal in great detail, being made to call on his vast and sophisticated vocabulary to make the filthiest acts sound like a delightful feast.


Then without giving Han time to react, Jabba had pressed the button upon his armrest, and the very same trapdoor that had previously opened up to swallow Leia's uncooperative predecessor gave way beneath them, and both Hand and Chewie had dropped into "the pit," that horrifying den of no return. There, they became a meal for the dreaded Rancor. Leia screamed, moaned and cried as she watched. Chewbacca did his best to protect his blind friend, but quickly ended up in the beast's clutches.


The Rancor crunched the howling Wookiee down, leaving Han to stumble blindly around for a few moments as everyone pointed and laughed. His terrified scream as he was scooped up and lifted to that horrifying maw had been too much for Leia to bear, and she'd tried to look away... only for a chubby-digited hand to press against the back of her head, forcing her to turn back and watch as her one-time lover was eaten alive.


Then came more partying. More depravities. Mighty Jabba made Leia dance for him. Or try to. The clumsy and uncoordinated slave had never performed before, especially not in the manner the Hutt and his drooling cronies wanted, with slow, sensual movements and swaying hips. But she'd done her best. Not because she wanted to please the vile beast. But because she wanted to survive. And survive she would, she vowed, even as Jabba angrily berated her in Huttese for her godawful attempt at a dance. She'd keep this bloated slug happy so he'd spare her life long enough for Luke to come. Then he'd pay, and she'd have no mercy...


That had been a week ago and still there was no sign of Luke. She wondered if something hadn't happened to him. What if he were captured by the Imperials? Waylaid by some other danger? Killed? Jabba had plenty of assassins and killers hanging around who came and went with impunity. Who knew whether one or more of them had been dispatched with instructions to eliminate the young Jedi, the greatest threat to their master's ownership of the Alderaanian slave-princess?


The longer she waited, the more and more Leia realized that if she wanted her freedom and revenge for Han and Chewie, she couldn't wait for Luke. More and more "Luke" became less of a person and more of a slim hope of salvation that slipped further and further away every day. She'd have to escape herself.


Slowly, she raised her head, glancing around at the slumbering forms in the darkness. Despite how much these vile villains drank and partied into the wee hours of the morn, the times when all of them, even the guards, were passed out drunk or otherwise asleep were surprisingly few and far between. From where she lay, it looked to Leia like literally every single person who worked for Jabba was out like a like. Even Boba Fett, although with his eternal helmet it was difficult to tell. Was the dreaded bounty hunter asleep or just feigning? Given his fearsome reputation, he probably slept with one eye open. He lay in full armor at the far side of the room, by the wall, between a disgustingly fat Gammorrean and the equally overweight dancer Yarna, with a pretty, bikini-clad slave girl on each arm, unmoving. Leia watched him for a long time. She watched the others, too, but mostly Fett. After a few minutes, he shifted. Yarna moved a little, and then Fett rolled over, shoving the Gammorrean gently to one side as the bounty hunter left the loving embrace of the slave girls to instead lie facing the wall. The Gammorrean snorted in annoyance and moved as well, but remained asleep. Deprived of their armored lover, the two women moaned and instead snuggled against one another, but none of them stirred.


Good. Boba Fett was asleep. They were ALL asleep. It was now or never. Slowly, Leia began to rise, the shifting chain clinking. In the stillness it sounded like a shot, but still no one awoke. She glanced back at her master and soon to be victim. Now. She had to kill Jabba NOW! She had to act! Noticing her, Salacious Crumb glanced up and chittered in confusion, but still Leia ignored him, as she rose into an upright position, steeling the muscles in her legs for the leap to come...


She held her breath.


She slowly licked her ruby lips. It was time. Every muscle in her body a coiled spring, she leaped up! Salacious Crumb gave a cry of surprise. Jabba grunted and sat up a little straighter, his eyelids slowly opening. Her chain clanking more noisily than ever, Leia turned and stepped over the Hutt's bulky back even as he grew more fully awake and began to bellow forth in rage and alarm. He tried to tighten his grip on the chain but Leia's swiftness caught him by surprise, and the one thing that kept her enslaved to the loathsome gangster slipped from his still sleepy grasp, and with a fierce cry, Leia positioned herself on the rear portion of the dais directly behind Jabba, and threw the chain over his enormous head and around his wide throat. She pulled. Die, she thought! Die, you disgusting, perverted freak!


To Be Continued!


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His eyes opening fully now, Jabba's flabby arms flew up and gripped at the chain. Leia tugged. The linked metal rings dug painfully into the thick flaps of flab around his throat. He was so fat that in order to successfully cut off his air flow, she'd have to really pull hard to make the chain dig in enough to crush the windpipe concealed beneath those slimy rolls of fat. She yanked harder, gritting her teeth and arching her back, planting one foot firmly against the dais, the other against Jabba's back, squeezing her eyes tightly shut as she strained. Jabba glurged in alarm as he suddenly found breathing difficult, but not impossible. The slave grunted and pulled even harder, feeling the muscles in her arms aching in mute protest. She was fit, but not very strong. Killing her master was going to take some time. Time she didn't exactly have, as, even as she finally succeeded in getting the chain pulled in taut enough that it was crushing Jabba's windpipe and completely cutting off his breathin, the other denizens of the palace were beginning to stir from their sleep, slowly at first, then with more urgency as they realize drowsily what was happening. Cries of anger, alarm, shouts of "She's killing him!" and "Stop her!" began filling the audience chamber.


And so Leia pulled. Even as the Hutt's would-be rescuers were getting to their feet, she pulled, her breasts, encased in the metal bikini top, thrust forwards towards Jabba's enormous back as she leaned over backwards, digging her velvet-shoed foot mercilessly into the soft flesh of the vast expanse of his back.


Trying to get his stubby little fingers underneath the chain, to put them between it and his soft throat, he found that he couldn't. Leia had the chain pulled so taut that he couldn't work his fingertips underneath it. His thick, pustule-covered tongue, that same rancid muscle that had lapped at his lips with fiendish desire when she'd first been brought before him, stuck out of his wide mouth and began to flop around in the air, wormlike, flinging little droplets and strings of his drool every which way.


Leia was briefly interrupted in her assassination of her master by the chittering monkey lizard, who scrambled shrieking over Jabba's tail and bit at her ankle. Briefly relaxing her grip so she could remove her foot from Jabba's back, she kicked out, and felt the little alien's frail body connect with a satisfyingly hard "thwack" that sent Crumb screaming through the air. Then, without giving Jabba a chance to recover, the foot was against his back in another instance, and she was back to focusing all of her attention on strangling the worthless life out of her tormentor. Jabba briefly abandoned his fruitless attempts to get his fingers under the chain to instead try and turn to grab at the woman strangling him from behind. He failed. Leia actually felt herself getting a little turned on from killing her master. Yes! As amazing as it was, the former princess found slowly murdering the bloated slug this way incredibly arousing, her pussy beneath the purple loincloth covering her nether regions getting moist. She smiled, and began to feel at peace. Even if Jabba's minions killed her when she was done, she was content that he would die before her, and by her own hand, with the very chain he enslaved her with. Her body perspired now, her skin glistening quite attractively with a thin sheen the sweat of her worthy exertions. She groaned and grunted, tugging with everything she had, feeling as if her arms would pop free of their sockets before she finally choked the life from Jabba! God, she thought, how long did he take to die? It'd only been a few seconds, of course, even though it felt longer. Nevertheless, it was amazing how much stamina the living pile of flab that ruled Tatooine had!


Everyone was on their feet now, and beginning to rush towards the epic struggle taking place on the dais. Boba Fett leaped up, his T-visored helmet watching with seeming emotionlessness as his employer was getting strangled. He shoved past the drowsy slave girls he'd been lying with and joined the other mercenaries and killers in rushing en masse to rescue their leader. Bob Fortuna, entering, began screaming orders in Huttese, gesturing dramatically with his taloned hands. One guard, a skinny, bucktoothed human, drew his blaster pistol and aimed, trying to get a bead on Leia. Bib screamed at him to stop, and there were repeated cries of, "No blasters!" from some. Men who'd been drawing their weapons stopped with their blasters halfway out of their holsters, looking impotently furious. To prevent the skinny human from firing and hitting Jabba by accident, Fett grabbed his wrist and forced his arm down, giving him a wordless look of reproach. The man looked embarrassed and sheepish. The small army converged on the dais, surrounded it.


Leia felt her grip slowly weakening. No! Her sweat-slicked hands slid a little on the chain. As if sensing her weakening grip, Jabba tried a different tactic to save himself. He lurched his massive form forward. Although he was too heavy to move anywhere under his own power, he could, however, put that massive weight to use against the smaller human. And so when he thrust his upper body forwards, Leia's grip slickened further. Her sexual high began to ebb, her arousal replaced by panic! No, no, no! she thought. She held her master's life in her hands, and now he was managing to take it back. She was going to fail, she realized. Even as she felt hot, panicked hands grabbing her body, Jabba saved himself by lurching forward a second time, hard enough that he almost fell forwards off of the dais, jerking Leia forwards, ironically right out of the hands of those attempting to capture her, and she lost her balance, stumbling against Jabba's side and tumbling with a cry of dismay over his slimy form, to land right back where she'd lain when this all began, sprawled upon the pillows before the Hutt's belly, the chain lying limply across her sweaty form.


Jabba lived. Leia lay there panting, angry and dismayed at her failure.


But although the danger was over for Jabba, it was just beginning for his rebellious slave...



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Now the final part. If you don't like Leia coming to a bad end, don't read further. If, however, you like that sort of thing, continue and enjoy!

Jabba was furious, his jelly-like rolls of fat quivering with rage as he bellowed, and shoved the panting princess off of the dais, onto the floor, where she lay stunned. Boba Fett and a relieved-looking Bib Fortuna joined Jabba on either side, as everyone else crowded 'round, but kept a respectful distance from Leia, because of where she was. Many eyes glanced down at their owners' feet to make sure that the tips of their toes were well clear of the trapdoor. Salacious Crumb, limping a little, chittering fiercely, scampered over, crawled up Leia's arm, over her back and leaped back up to sit on his master's shoulder like a parrot. Slowly, Jabba's fury ebbed and was replaced with satisfaction at how things had turned out. He moved his hand over towards the button that activated the trapdoor, hesitating, as if deciding whether this was the proper way to punish his slave, his lidded eyes lazily surveying her down beneath him.


Leia managed to force herself up onto her hands and knees, glaring at the crowd. Yarna smirked down at her smugly. Crigg, the bucktoothed guard, holstered his blaster, fixed his helmet, and came over. Two particularly unpleasant Gammorreans named Gartogg and Jubnuk came forward as Leia stood unsteadily, a bit wobbly on her feet. She looked at them, then started to turn to Jabba. She knew she was doomed. She was convinced she'd done all she could, and now all that was left as to tell the old slug off before he did whatever it was he planned to do to her. And she had a good idea of what it was. She opened her mouth when suddenly he made a fist and slammed it down against the deadly button. She felt the ground give way underneath her feet just as she was steadying herself, and fell so suddenly that at first it appeared as if everything around her was rushing upwards. After falling through the trapdoor, a generous amount of sand pouring in after her, she was deposited into a long tunnel made of smooth, cold stone. This Leia slid down feet-first. Above her, she heard Salacious Crumb's high-pitched laughter, fading away the further down she went, until it was drowned out by the sound of stone grinding against stone, and she was plunged into darkness within the tunnel as Jabba's great dais slid into place over the trapdoor, the better to give the exalted one a prime view of the grate overlooking the pit.


To her credit, Leia didn't scream. As she went down, her loincloth flew up, billowing around her, revealing, to no one in particular, as she was alone inside the pitch black tunnel, that she wore no panties beneath it. Jabba hadn't allowed it. And so her bare buttocks slid along the cool stone, and she felt moist air rushing over her exposed, vulnerable cunt, ruffling her soft brown pubes gently. Then all at once, a tiny metal gateway opened and she flew out a little chute, crying out as she was momentarily airborne, and then she turned in midair and landed hard on her side on a thick, warm sandy floor. She grunted as the wind was knocked out of her. For a few seconds, Leia lay there stunned, then she rolled over onto her back. Above her she could see the viewing grate installed in the cavern-like ceiling of the pit, and all of the scum jostling one another, pushing and shoving, trying to get the best view. They all wanted to see the slave die, having all waited and hoped for this moment. Jabba chuckled and leered down at her. Salacious Crumb continued his braying, hyena-like laughter as he hopped up and down excitedly. Leia finally rolled back over and picked herself up, wishing she could at least get the collar and chain off.


She turned. The room was enormous. It'd been impossible to tell how big it was looking down into it from above, but now that she was actually down inside of it, she was amazed to find it was actually three times the size of the audience chamber above her head, the better to contain the great beast that would be unleashed any minute now. Bones littered the floor. She fixed her gaze on the giant, rusty door at the opposite end of the end, which slowly began to open with a great squealing sound as ancient metal gears protested their use. Leia involuntarily took a step back, feeling fear gripping at her chest. The door seemed to take forever to slide open, slowly revealing the massive form of the ferocious Rancor. She could just make out its hunched, vaguely humanoid form in the darkness of its den, its beady silver eyes shining in the gloom. Then drooling hungrily, the thing that had killed Han Solo and Chewbacca loosed a mighty roar and stepped out into the pit, spreading its long arms that terminated in huge, awkward-looking clawed hands, as the crowd above cheered. Their champion had entered the pit and now the fun was about to begin.


Leia felt her heart beating faster, her mouth open slightly in a look of disgust mixed with fear. The beast was hideous and terrifying. She'd seen it before but never this close... never down in the pit with it. A scream rose in her throat. No! She wouldn't give them that satisfaction. Not her. Leia choked the scream back and it came up as a stifled little belch. Feeling her knees weaken and her legs turn to rubber, the slave awkwardly took another few steps back, then again looked up at her executioner and his cronies. Even from way down inside of the pit, Leia could make out all of their faces, every detail of their reactions and what they were doing.


Jabba, with an impassive Boba Fett beside him, gave a cry that was part triumphant cheer and part gassy belch, waving an arm in the air, the loose flab hanging off of it wobbling slightly. Fat dancer Yarna grinned ear to ear, and slid a flabby arm around the waist of her lover, a masked guard Leia thought was named Doallyn. The two snuggled together. Crigg, the skinny guard with the buck teeth, was pitching a tent, his cock stretching the tight fabric of his pants. Leia could see it slowly swelling to its full fatness in the confines of his pants as he grinned excitedly.


The Gammorreans meanwhile were positively going wild. Snorting, fighting, pushing and shoving trying to see. She could easily make out Gartogg and Jubnuk. They, too, were visibly aroused. Gartogg squealed with piggish delight and Jubnuk snorted with laughter as their enormous, fat pig-cocks became engorged to bulge out their furry loincloths obscenely. They fidgeted, rocking back and forth on their sandaled feet, their overweight forms positively shaking with barely suppressed desire. Jubnuk's cock slid free of the leg hole of his loincloth and slowly grew to its complete hardness down his bare green thigh where it hung thick and meaty and bulbous as he slapped Gartogg on the back. Leia could see a thick bead of precum slowly emerging from his urethra and begin to slowly dangle down through the bars of the grate towards her.


Others were equally aroused, touching and rubbing themselves, moaning and laughing. Their sadism and perversion, it seemed, knew no bounds.


Revolted, Leia looked away from them and back at the Rancor, and saw the answering gaze of her devourer. She jerked back in reflex, whimering a little, as the monster threw its arms back, clawed fingers spread, and roared again, the sound shaking the entire cavern. At that, Leia's courage left her. Hearing Jabba's booming laughter echoing down from above, she turned and fled. To where, she didn't know. The fate was back down over the tunnel she'd slid out of, and try as she might, she couldn't force it open. Even though she knew it wouldn't lead to freedom even if she could've opened it, she tried, acting on blind, panicky instinct. Hearing a gurgling sound, she looked over her should. The Rancor clenched and unclenched its fingers and inhaled deeply through its nostrils, causing its forehead to pulsate groestquely. Then, it slowly reached for her with one outstretched arm, the massive hand coming towards her.


She threw back her head, teeth gritted, back arched, grimacing and groaning in pain as the thing's powerful fingers encircled her and squeezed her tight. With a cry of "Ugh!" she felt herself leaving the ground, being picked up, lifted high into the air. She squeezed her eyes shut. As her lifted form neared the grate, she heard the trademark "WOOOOO-HOOO!" of that three-eyed pervert, Ree-Yees, one of the more excitable of Jabba's associates when it came to the Rancor feasts. She opened her eyes and looked up.


Those above watched eagerly, all except for Bib Fortuna and Boba Fett in various states of undress, the females fingering themselves and the males jerking off. Gartogg was rubbing himself through his loincloth as he watched Leia being lifted while Jubnuk was gripping his meaty thick dick and furiously pumping it as he grunted rocked back and forth, closing his eyes. Even Salacious Crumb was pumping away at his little monkey lizard cock, panting feverishly. Leia grimaced in horror that her death was causing them so much pleasure.


Then there was Jabba. Leia couldn't see it, but she knew his thick, bloated, horrifyingly deformed cock had slid free of his genital slit, and he was using his wiggling tail tip to rubbing and tease it, wrapping it around the cock to squeeze it, closing his eyes and leaning his head back, dripping tongue hanging out as his hands rubbed over his flabby, breastlike pectorals. He groaned out in pure hedonistic pleasure. Leia knew for a fact he was enjoying this more than anyone else.


She finally averted her gaze from the horror show above to the one she was living down below. The Rancor had lifted her to is face and its mouth opened, the tongue sliding out like a slimy welcome mat, the cavernous, black tunnel of the throat beckoning beyond, calling her to her fate. Strands of drool connected the tongue and upper pallette. Slowly, savoring her horrified wriggling in its grip, the Rancor drew the slave nearer... nearer... then it opened its mouth slightly wider and gently bent its head forewards, sliding Leia inside of that waiting maw.


Now, at last, Leia screamed. As her scantily clad form was slid across the sloppy, wet tongue and the powerful jaws slowly bent down with a wet, meaty crunch, the scream was instantly cut off as that first fatal bite ended the life of the Princess of Alderaan. Everyone cheered. Many of them came. The Rancor leisurely ate its latest meal, chomping Leia down slowly bit by bit. Crigg was kneeling and pleasuring Jubnuk, slathering sloppily over the thick cock where it jutted forth from the leg hole Gamorrean's loincloth, sucking it down even as the Rancor gobbled up the slave. Jubnuk growled and thrust his meaty hips as Crigg sucked harder, and was rewarded with a jet of stinking Gamorrean cum in his mouth. Jubnuk squealed in pleasure. Crigg pulled his mouth off of the splurting cock to let the rest of the watery cum splatter all over his face. Gartogg squealed and came inside his loincloth as he was embraced and carressed by the two slave girls who'd been sleeping with Boba Fett earlier. The sounds of the Rancor eating were music to their ears. They all watched Leia die and get eaten as they sloppily pleasured themselves and each other. Jabba threw back his head, tongue flopping around in the air wildly, as his enormous cock blew its load from the sight of Leia's death, hs tail wrapping around the thick Hutt-cock, squeezing it tightly like a boa constrictor as watery, goopy cum flew, as though from a fire house, to spray into the excited crowd of his fawning sycophants who accepted the gift with glee. It rained down onto the bars of the viewing grate


Slowly, the celebrating and the sex died down. Leia's beautiful legs slid from view into the Rancor's mouth out of sight and it swallowed. A bulge traveled down its fat throat to vanish behind its ribcage. Everyone stood there with their dripping dicks and pussies, cum of both males and females, but mostly's Jabba's slowly dribbling off of the bars down into the pit to patter soft and sticky over the body of the oblvious Rancor as it turned and trudged slowly back to its den to sleep its meal off. Jabba the Hutt loosed a great sight of satisfaction as he licked his lips with his horrifying tongue. God, he thought, the Rancor was so sexy when it ate! That was the best Rancor feast yet! He smiled and laughed watching the monster return to its den, knowing the slave he'd cherished more than anything filled the mighty beast's belly, and was happy.




The End.


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Well done :) I always love Leia's alternate fate whether it is bad end or good end.

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Thanks. :)

This is a rough version. A more, let's say, ironed out version was posted to DA, FA, Adult Fanfiction and a few other places, but it was mostly just to insert a few more orgy bits.


Unlike Threepio, I can bear to watch.

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