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Master Jabba
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I thought I would throw this up, just in case any slave RPers want to start a new RP. Not me with your response, or post below!

Feel like being my slave girl? There's an opener below you can reply to if you like...


In my audience chamber, a twi'lek slave is dancing for my amusement, whirling and flexing her barely-covered body as I look on.


Halfway though her dance, she stumbles and drops to the floor. The band grinds to a halt, and the girl looks up at me desperately for a silent moment -- before I slamn down the trapdoor release and drop her to the rancor.


When the cheering and screaming has ended, I slowly finish my glass of wine, and issue an order to Bib Fortuna before I doze off for a short nap.


"Bring me a new girl."

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