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Now imagine you were in star wars universe and you were one of the Jabba's court member in his palace.

You know what will happen because you had watched ROTJ before. You witnessed the slavery of Leia until Luke has come.

You know that if you do nothing or not warn Jabba, he will die and you will lose your only opportunity to watch the real continuity of Leia's slavery which you cannot find anywhere in any website in this world.

However, if you help Jabba, Luke and his friend will die and the Rebellion Alliance surely lose to the Empire which will end in the doom of the galaxy forever.

Now choose :  Save the galaxy from empire by do nothing by letting jabba die and ending of Leia slavery.(No more eyes candy)

OR help Jabba beat Luke, so you can witness Leia become Jabba slave forever, the scene that you mostly want to see it in the rest of your life!

Then please explain you reasons.

For me. it obviously that I will choose to help Jabba, I really want to know what Leia life will be if Luke was dead. Moreover, if Luke died, then both Boba Fett and Darth Vader my favourite characters would not die especially Fett his dead was so anti-climax.

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I'd help Jabba for the same reasons as you. Boba is one of my favourite SW characters as is Vader.

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I would try my best to help the almighty crime lord. It would be tough with being a low class bounty hunter but I would try my best to persuade him. He's my boss and pays well, I wouldn't allow some Jedi to ruin my chances at getting coin and pleasure. 

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I would choose to help Jabba defeat Luke so he could keep Leia as a Slave forever. Plus from what i have seen from different fanfictions and RolePlays...Leia's new life as Jabba's slave girl would be very interesting to say the least.


"I tried to resist my Master's advances, but now I am his Slave girl and Lover forever."

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I'd side with Mighty Jabba. As long as he's alive and Leia is his slave, well... even without Leia, the party would still go on, but it wouldn't quite be the same.


Unlike Threepio, I can bear to watch.

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