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I always wonder what is Jabba's throne room and sail barge temperature? Leia wears scantily-clad slave suit all the time, so I wonder how she actually feel. I see that she has no sweat in both throne room and sail barge,so I guess it is not hot there. What do you think?

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Master Jabba
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The palace is probably quite cool -- it seems to be partially undergound, and would have a cooling system if Jabba wanted. The sail barge, on the other hand, is out in the desert and isn't sealed, so I supect it's baking in there.

So the slave bikini's probably just right for the sale barge, and uncomfortably cold in the palace. But of course, she's not wearing it for her comfort...

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I do have to agree with the palace part since his throne room is under the palace and most likely has some kind of air conditioning.  Especially since we don't see him or really anyone else sweating to death while in there but it looks like it could be comfortable 70 degrees probably in there.  But as for the sail barge I imagine that too would have some kind of cooling air conditioning as well.  Since the windows can obviously close completely probably in the event of a sand storm to keep the passangers save and comfortable.  And since we don't see Leia sweating while on the sail barge even when she's strangling him.  I'd say he's probably got the air run to stay comfortable in while he drives. 

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Jabba the slave master
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I would have to agree on the part with Leia in the throne room  and in his palace in general.  One, she is forced to wear in very skimpy slave outfit, that is pretty much exposing her whole body, and if you go by her not wearing underneath the skirt plates, her bra is exposing her naked back also, so pretty much 99% of her body is exposed, she would be very cold at night in the throne room. And when we first see her, she is reclined back lying very close to Jabba's skin, givin Jabba kept her on a very short tether also, as we can see during her time, Jabba wanted her close, and as much as she despised him his body and pillows did give her some comfort and some warmth and also , the way her loin cloth is just splayed and folded helplessly between her beautiful, slender thighs. But I would have agree and disagree with the sail barge part. Even though we dont see her sweat on the barge, when she is by the window she most likely felt a bit cold with the slight breeze that came through the window but still a bit warm at the same time, and in general when she was on the barge.

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