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Oola shook her head, her lekku whipping back and forth over her shoulders as she pulled hard on the chain attached to her neck.  "Na, na!" she shouted.  The chain was tugged back from where she clutched it between her hands.  "Negatori! Na chuba!"

On the other end of the chain, Jabba the Hutt leered at her, eyes and mouth glistening as he licked his lips.  "Da eitha," he repeated, a lecherous command to come closer to himself that had become very familiar over her weeks of enslavement to him.  She'd had enough of this disgusting madness, however, and she was making a stand for herself.  "Na, na!" she shouted again.


"Da eitha," Jabba said again, pointing at his belly and more of a harder edge coming into his voice.

Oola, flinching, shook her head again--but she stopped her struggles when she noticed that nearby, all the other dancers that had been performing alongside her had vacated the floor.  They now stood far away, against the walls.  The music started to dwindle, and then Oola turned and saw that everyone in the whole room had gathered around the periphery of the dance floor, grinning and laughing and pointing at her--but no, not at her...but at the floor beneath her.

What was going on?

Oola looked at Jabba, who licked his lips, his arm poised over his armrest.  What was he doing?

Oola knew Jabba didn't understand her Twi'Lek tongue, but she still asked him, "What are you doing?  What is happening?"

"Da eitha, shag," Jabba said, and lifted his arm a little higher, and Oola could've sworn the room fell to a near-silence around her, now.

Something was definitely wrong...but it was impossible to know just what.  Jabba had given her a choice: come to him, or...something else would occur, something that everyone else seemed to know about, or was even expecting, and it involved only Oola and the whole of the dance floor--

Suddenly, Oola felt very, very nervous, even if she still didn't fully understand why.

"Boscka!" Jabba barked, and Oola watched as he threw his arm down--

--but it froze in mid-air as the sound of a blaster echoed from one of the corridors and into the Audience Chamber, and someone began shouting.

All the onlookers, including Jabba, turned to see what was going on, but Oola wasted no time.  She moved quickly across the dance floor, her sandaled feet feeling like they were moving over hot coals, and she reluctantly climbed onto the edge of Jabba's throne.

A masked bounty hunter ran into one of the tunnel doorways, shouting at someone, only to suddenly be thrown backward, slamming against the wall and clattering the wind chimes hanging there, landing with a grunt on the stairs as two figures appeared.

Whatever had almost happened to her was seemingly over, for which Oola was grateful.  Although Jabba picked up her chain closer to her neck and gave her a disciplinary tug back toward himself, he allowed her to rock back into an upright position.  Suppressing a cough, Oola watched the two visitors enter the Audience Chamber, and wondered at the strange blessing of their presence.


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The horrible stench of the throne room found her even through the air filter of her mask. Suppressing her urge to gag, Leia maintained her posture and confidently stepped down the stairs.

The crowd immediately parted, but not for her or her formidable disguise, but for the giant 7 ft. wookie that walked leashed behind her. Leia smiled beneath her helmet as she saw the fear in their eyes as they pushed and shoved each other to move away.

“Cowards” She thought. Perhaps Luke’s plan would work after all.

But then she stepped over the grate in the middle of the room and was given her first glimpse of Jabba the Hutt. All her confidence seemed to vanish at once.

He was massive and putrid, with his body a misshapen pile of fat and slime that somehow formed into the shape of a slug. He sat on his throne, orange eyes and large mouth wide as he looked her and Chewbacca over with intense interest.

Leia was suddenly thankful for the bulky costume she wore, no matter how uncomfortable it was. She could not imagine the feeling of standing before this creature without it on.

Stopping before the hutt’s throne Leia did a cursory glance around the room. While most of the members of Jabba’s court were still trying to keep their distance from Chewbacca she noticed a few begin to step forward from the crowd. Their pose was tense, their eyes watchful, and Leia could only guess these were the guards, ready to attack at the first sign their corpulent master was in danger.

She also noticed Boba Fett in his trademark beskar armor, standing behind the hutt, one hand just over his modified blaster. Leia gripped the force pike she held tighter as she stared into the t-visor of the hated bounty hunter. If it wasn’t for him Han wouldn’t be in the clutches of this evil monstrosity and there would be no need for this ludicrous mission.

Tearing herself away from him Leia returned her attention back to the hutt and found something else that caught her eye.

Looped around one of his pudgy hands was a thick leather leash, the length of which ran along the edge of his throne. It wound its way through the sparse cushions in front of his bulky body until it reached the other end of the dais.

At its end it connected to a collar locked around the neck of a young twi’lek girl. Her skin was an exotic emerald green and her head tails were long and sensual as they fell across her bare back. Leia could not recall ever seeing a more beautiful twi’lek.

But to Leia her beauty only made her position that more tragic. Along with the collar and chain binding her to the corpulent hutt, she wore little more than a costume of flimsy netting that draped ineffectually over her otherwise naked body.

It hid almost nothing and to Leia, who had lived a relatively sequestered life as a Princess and rebel leader, was caught slightly off guard at seeing a woman’s femininity displayed so lewdly. The collar, the dress, even the girls sad face (painted as heavily and intricately as the escorts that Leia had seen accompany powerful men to political parties) pointed to her position in Jabba’s court .

A sex slave.

Just the thought brought more nausea than the awful smell of the throne room. Leia had heard that Jabba kept humanoid females for such purposes but it was different witnessing it in person. Seeing this young woman, lovely enough to have any man she wanted, leashed like a pet to something as hideous as Jabba filled Leia with a rage she had not felt in some time.

The twi’lek glanced towards her, eyes filled with wariness but also something Leia had not expected… Hope.

The princess’s heart went out to the poor slave girl. Did she show the same hope every time a stranger entered the palace, secretly praying that they would decide to rescue or buy her. Aything would have to be better than life as the hutt’s plaything.

“Maybe I can help her” Leia thought “Maybe Luke can…”

But her thoughts were interrupted as Jabba began to speak

“At last we have the mighty Chewbacca…”



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Very good so far.

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