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When I was 7 years old I was aroused by the capture scene before I even saw Leia in a bikini. Why is that scene arousing? There's no skin showing yet.
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I can honestly say around 7 or 8 years old  I too was getting aroused at the capture scene.  From the moment she bumps her head on the wind chims to the laugh of Salacious Crumb I would be so aroused.  I think there are several reasons for this but of course I can't speak for every Hutt and slave girl out there for this.

1.  First reason and most obvious reason for this is cause of beautiful Princess being shoved against an ugly slimy creature and he goes and licks his tongue at her and that moan she gives when he goes to lick at her is the real turn on.  The look of disgust and realization of what he intends to do with her becomes all too clear.  That is the big reason and number one in my book.  Just the simple fact of that lick and look and moan is what turns everyone on.  I know of at least two slave girls I've RPed in the past that were fans of this scene as well.  

2.  The second reason this scene is so good is thanks to the eventsthat lead up to her capture.  For one thanks to Jabba's old slave girl Oola.  Her struggle and fear of being pulled in that lick and look Jabba gives her definitely gives you the idea that he wants pleasure from her but she clearly didn't want to give it.  To then go Leia's capture quickly following that still fresh in our minds reminds us of Oola and shows us what might have befollowed Oola were she not dropped in the Rancor pit.  That scene does help in making the capture scene more arousing.    

3. A third reason is the events and lines that all take place in the capture scene.  Like I said the thought of Leia sneaking in even though I know she is going to get captured but the idea of her sneaking around in a dangerous underworld place disguised as a bounty hunter.  When she reveals her face and kisses Han even my heart races especially when I know for a fact that Jabba is right behind that curtain waiting to spring the trap on her and Han.  Then my heart races again when you have Jabba call for Leia to brought to him and that growl he makes as she's brought to him is good sign of lust and anger.  And finally the last thing that makes it so arousing is C3P0 saying "ooohh I can't bear to watch."   Clearly he must have seen what Jabba did with Oola and knew Leia was about to suffer the same faith.

This things all combined really help make it so arousing.  Which is probably what helped bring all of us all to this fetish to begin with.

I'm sure others have their reasons for loving this scene but I imagine this is the same for a lot of people.  

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Another big factor is Jabba is drooling even more than usual in this scene. His lipless mouth is caked with this white substance. Leia also gives frigthened, overwhelmed looks in this scene that are delicious.

"Let them marvel at our splendor ... let them cringe in our power ... let them feel the weight of our chains as they serve their rightful masters." - His High Exaltedness, Jabba the Hutt

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This is very true and there is even extra snot running down out of his nostrials as well and into his mouth during that scene.  It really does help add to the affect of the capture scene.

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This is arguably the first time Leia has encountered a Hutt, and in such close proximity before. Its likely that at this point, as she's being dragged up and pushed into him, she's beginning to realize that even if there was any sort of plan or debriefing involved with what Jabba and his palace would be like, she is ill-prepared for just how repulsive and vile he actually is.

She first sees him wearing that Ubese armror, the helmet probably has a filter so she doesn't have to suffer his odor, and in said armor, she is completely protected from the elements of Jabba and the palace.

When she's brought up to face Jabba's "judgement", she doesn't have the helmet anymore and her face is mere inches from all that drool and slobber and snot. He's talking right to her and she's probably smelling his rank breath and having a shower of spittle rained on her features as he burbles and mocks her. And on top of that, if the pictures of the capture are any indication, Jabba totally does hook a flabby arm around her waist a,d his hand does seem to be lingering precariously over her rear as he sticks his tongue out at her for a kiss.

When you watch all that, its pretty hot for the reasons mentioned, but its really when you go back and think about those repercussions that you realize just how much sensory overload, and overall defilement Leia must have felt in those few moments, even before she was stripped and dressed in the infamous bikini.

Finally, small point, but if the only thing one was interested in or finds arousing is Leia showing some skin, wearing the bikini and looking sexy, then you'd see a lot of material involving her and not the Hutt she is supposed to call master.

Yet it is when the two of them are paired together that most people get their kicks and fetishes. The bikini clad Slave Leia is an iconic and beautiful image of sexuality to behold. 

But its the forbidden and disgusting relationship between Hutt and Princess that makes a select few people like us keep coming back for more. ;)

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scott slave embrace
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Well, i like this scene as much as i do because it shows perfectly what Jabba intends to do with Leia instead of making her just a common prisoner. When Jabba calls for Leia, i already have butterflies in my stomach because Jabba suddenly has an interest in her, an alien wants her and i think about other women that serve Hutts. Then Leia is brought to Jabba and he's already harassing her by putting his hand under her cloak then trying to lick her and she's all grossed out and worried, i'm thinking this strong soldier princess is at this creature's mercy, she's helpless and it has the hots for her. Leia is disgusted at his perverted advances and can't believe she's being sexually harassed by a large slug alien but she can do nothing but take it, and at the same time i think about how Jabba is going to have her taken out of those Bounty Hunter clothes to have her presentable for his taste and she's going to replace Oola and serve him as his new personal Harem slave. And again, she can't do anything about it.    

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