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Daruza the Hutt (LeKire)
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As a star wars nerd like some of you, I've recently taken the time to read the Lost Tribe of the Sith. Its an anthology that basically details a group of "Lost" Sith crashlanding on an alien world "Kesh", and how they use the Dark Side of the Force to reign in on the planet's native population and basically dominate and turn the world into their own, installing themselves as gods and kings to the Keshiri.

I'm thinking of setting up a similar situation with my Hutt Daruza, having him bring along a dreadnought full of battledroids and bounty hunters to some foreign and savage planet, and using advanced technology and his own intelligence, he manages to dominate the native humanoids of this world and becomes their deity, and builds up an entire society around his whims and desires.

Obviously, slavery and the building up of an exotic harem would be parts to this story, but I'm curious if anyone would be interested in cowriting something like this with me. Otherwise, I'll probably just try to attempt it myself. 


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Hey Lekire sounds like a great idea. I'd be down to collaborate and discuss something like this. Whats the best way to contact you.


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