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My epic Jabba/Leia fanfic, including an earlier story featuring Oola I incorporated so some other elements touched on in the second half of the story make sense. Both stories were written with the help of my very dear friend Baron Hutt on YIM during some, erm, interesting chat sessions, heh. Anyway, on with the story!



The green-skinned Twi'Lek danced in the dim light of the audience chamber. She was nubile and gorgeous to behold as she moved, her lekku flopping this way and that with each erotic twist of her body. Her attire consisted primarily of a fishnet body stocking that left nothing to the imagination, and a collar marking her as a slave. From that collar, a leash made of knotted leather joined her to the morbidly obese Hutt, Jabba. Or as Oola called him, "Master."

She was joined by Yarna, a very overweight woman who wasn't as graceful, but all eyes were on her. Oola. The Hutt's greatest prize. His most beloved treasure. Oola knew deep in the marrow of her bones what that meant, though. Mighty Jabba was known for his love of using up and discarding beautiful things. Whether you performed well or failed him, it always ended the same. A long fall, screams of terror and then the sound of Jabba's other beloved pet feastng.

The various assembled criminals and mercenaries standing on the sidelines watched her with hungry eyes and quivering lips, including some of the females. All wanted her, but none dared touch her. She was Jabba's.

As she danced, Oola noticed that her Master as in an unusually jovial mood this afternoon, his thick, bulbous body swaying to the jazzy tune of Lapti Nek by the Max Rebo Band as his immense, slimy body sprawled on his great stone dais. That made her nervous. Jabba was nasty enough when he was angry, but, curiously, he could be far more cruel when he was in a good mood. Of course, it was immediately obvious how nervous or unhappy the slave was. Her dedication to her art was comendable; she danced with such energy and pep that one could be forgiven for thinking her happy in her work. Only her downcast eyes and pouting mouth gave away her inner sorrow, her barely contained terror that at any moment she'd feel the floor give way and be sent to amuse her Master in another way.

But no one looked at Oola's face. Only her scantily clad body. Particularly her perky young breasts barely contained within the front of her fishnet costume. Nobody present knew or cared about her misery. At least, no one Oola knew of. No one who could help her, anyway.

The music slowly wound down, and, as the assembled scum of the galaxy applauded, both Oola and Yarna stopped dancing. Yarna turned and blew kisses to the crowd. Oola, mindful of the leash which kept her enslaved to the grotesque Hutt every hour of every day, simply stared down at her feet. She preferred to focus on them and not the monstrous thing whose pudgy hands held her leash tightly even now.

"Ah!" cried Jabba mirthfully. "Do that again!"

Oola sighed. She was tired of dancing but dared not complain. And so the band started up again. A much more upbeat and peppy number this time. Oola had never heard it before. Lapti Nek had been slower, and so for this new song she was forced to pick up the pace of her dancing, and liven things up, mindful to entertain and excite her Master... but not too much, lest he decide to give her his very special reward he reserved for the dancers who pleased him the most.

Unfortunately for Oola, she got too into the beat of the music, and went a bit too far, grabbing her leash and giving it a teasing little snap. The loud crack it made in the air could be heard even over Sy Snootles' singing and the band's music, and when Oola felt the first tug, she knew she'd made a mistake. Her last mistake. For when she snapped the leash, it'd driven Jabba wild, and with lust-filled eyes he tightened his grip on the knotted leather and tugged at it.

Oola, realizing what this meant, immediately stopped dancing and grabbed hold of the leash in an effort to prevent the Hutt from dragging her closer to the trapdoor, which she'd been staying clear of for her entire dance. She moaned and grunted as she pulled, but was unable to wrench the leash free from Jabba's mighty grip. He was too powerful! The amused Hutt simply leaned forward and slowly licked his lips.

He called out to his slave.

"Come here!" he rumbled, pointing at the trapdoor set before the dais.

"No! Never!" cried Oola in terror, grasping the leash tighter and pulling back with everything she had, her right breasy popping free from her skimpy costume, laid bare for all to see. She knew her fate and was determined to struggle against Jabba to her very last.

Although Sy Snootles had stopped singing, the Max Rebo Band continued to play as if the struggle between Master and slave wasn't happening. Jabba dragged her closer. The tips of her sandals touched the edge of the trapdoor. No! She pulled, gritting her teeth in a mixture of anger and fear, sweat beading her beautiful green skin. She wouldn't die without resisting him first!

"Come here!" Jabba repeated, amused by his dancer's refusal to cooperate and giving another easy but strong tug of the leash. He twisted his mouth into a smug grin and yanked harder, hoisting his bulk up a little higher, looming over the green-skinned dancer, finger inching threatening toward the button on his arm rest that had spelled doom for so many other pretty things like herself.

Oola lurched herself back in an effort to save herself, breast still exposed, but it was no use. That last tug had her standing on the trapdoor in mere seconds. She shook her head, lekku swaying in the air. A plea struggled to form in her throat, but nothing bu incoherant screams burbled forth. In an act of pure desperation, the young Twi'Lek decided to show her dedication to her Master, since disobedience wasn't working. Perhaps if she submitted, he'd let her live another day.

She had only the choice of climbing atop the dais, which she did, fishnet stockings stretching, making her feel more exposed than she really was. She then rose before Jabba's great, glistening form. Mighty Jabba grinned with satisfaction at her submission and pulled her firmly against himself as he settled down a little, wrinkled flabs heaving with heavy, snuffling breaths, his hand moving away from the button.

"You learn quickly..." he complimented sarcastically, thick tail swiping back and forth.

Oola flinched at the thick glob of saliva that oozed out of the corner of her Master's mouth, forming a rope as it dribbled and stretched down before landing with a repulsive splut on his doughy rolls. She groaned as he tugged her leash once more, forcing her barely-covered skin to press firmly against his filthy, squishy wall of flesh.

"Aaughhh..." she groaned.

He slackened his grip on the leash a little as a reward. He smelled putried and rank, his skin soft and oily, but there was nothing Oola could do. That pleased Jabba. He liked being repulsive to her. It made him lick his lips slowly with his fat, pustule-covered tongue as he thought of her helplessness, causing more saliva to dribble and run down onto the front of her chest, easily slipping between the weaves of her fishnet halters, making her skin crawl and her nipples harden. Jabba gave a throaty rumble as his keen reptilian eyes observed the way his slime oozed slowly down her barely-covered bosom.

"Ah, my dear, look at that... it seems I've gone and ruined your pretty costume."

The Twi'Lek whimpered in fear and disgust as he pet her head, and she tried to pull and push herself out of his repulsive embrace, but he held her tightly against himself. The Hutt gave an annoyed grunt at this renewed resistance, but Oola's inability to get away from him now that he actually had her on the dais with him only elicited a hearty chuckle from him.

"Clearly, you only want to get away from me so you can go and change into a fresh set of clothes?" he asked threateningly.

Oola didn't reply to that crass taunt, only continued to struggle against him, his flesh squashing and stretching with soft, moist sounds that were positively nauseating to hear - and feel! Thick rolls of abominable Hutt blubber squashed down and over her heaving breasts, and she groaned in unrestrained repulsion. The Hutt's half smirk vanished. He leaned forward a little, tightening the leash. The little bit of slack he rewarded Oola with earlier was taken away. Her collar was taut against her slender green throat.

"Unhh--! Ugh! Unnnh...ahhh...!"

"Clearly," he rumbled sarcastically. "But, my dear Oola, why retire to your chamber to change when you can do so here? There is no shame in undressing before your Master."

Oola knew where this was going, what Jabba wanted to do to her before he finally sent her to her final reward. She'd seen others subjected to it before their own deaths, and all she could do was pathetically protest.

"Do you dare defy me?" Jabba grumbled. He wasn't really in what Oola would call the mood to argue.

He gave another, painful yank on the leash. Oola gagged, choking briefly. The fishnet costume was so pathetically flimsy he could do the deed himself, and it was looking like he'd need to. But he wanted the pleasure of making his beautiful green slave do it for him herself before he killed her.

As this was going on, Jabba's thoroughly annoying little worm of a pet, Salacious Crumb, cackled away in merry amusement at what his owner was putting his slave through. His high-pitched, wheezing laughter was music to Jabba's ears as it accompanied Oola's humiliation. Far more scared than she was repulsed, Oola finally responsed, shaking her head side to side, Jabba's fleshy rolls squishing moistly. At that, the Hutt's smirk returned. The leash was slackened once more.

"Then do as I command."

"Awww-ahhh-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!" Salacious Crumb erupted in laughter again.

Oola turned her head to glare hatefully at him, but a wet sucking sound caught her attention. She turned - and got a face full of huge, slobbering tongue. Jabba's putrid breath exhaled over her as his horrible, wormlike tongue slopped and wriggled out from within his cavernous maw to slide against the slave's pretty face, glazing her nicely in his drool. Oola was forced to utter a squealing moan inside her tightly-sealed lips, eyes squeezed shut against the wide, wet thing as it slopped and slid over her features.

He breathed through his nostrils, expelling some thin strands of mucus to mix in with his saliva. An assortment of repulsive noises filled the audience chamber, now otherwise entirely silent except the occasional giggle from Crumb. Gurgles, snorts, wet snuffles, dribbling squelches. Oola struggled to breathe through her nostrils, her breasts heaving harder up into Jabba's squishing flabby chest.

Jabba's tongue slopped lower, freeing Oola's mouth mercifully, slavering over her throat and the collar encircling it. Oola tilted her head back and twisted it around, gasping as it moved even lower, touching the top of her breasts, saliva oozing into her cleavage. Briefly, it retreated into his mouth.

"Mmm, my delicious little lovely, let me bathe you," Jabba cooed.

"Unnnnnn... oohhhhhh..." was Oola's only response.

The Hutt's eyes slid shut and then the horrifying tongue returned, the tip sliding past her frightened lips as she took a grateful gasp of air, filling her mouth with a revolting slimy warmth. Fortunately it was over after a moment because his tongue extracted itself, moving lower once more. He had other, more interesting places on his slave he wished to bathe and taste.

The thick tip slipped underneath her thin garment to tease over the top of her cleavage as she felt his hand against her pert rear, ushering her to rise before him so he didn't need to lean his great hulk over so much. Oola gasped, shoving her pelvis closer into her Master's chubby belly, lifting her whole body up and rubbing it over his slimy rolls. As she got up, Jabba's tongue retracting, her breasts were about level with his face and his cold sore covered lips wrapped around one, suckling the entire thing into his foul maw, ripping the flimsy fishney in the process with the tugging motion of his suction.

With surprising gentleness, which he wouldn't show again due to his annoyance with the fact he had to do this for her after all, he tugged the straps of Oola's costume loose at a certain specific point, and it was as if her outfit suddenly distintegrated, the tightly-stretched fishnet "clothng" simply snapping right off and falling all around her, leaving her green-skinned body bared against his disgusting fat body.

Oola heared and felt a deep rumble of contentment from within his huge form as he released her breast from his mouth. Her breasts jiggled and bounced as they were freed, their fronts slapping against Jabba's flab. She arched her back as Jabba indulged himself in her bountiful breasts, slopping possessive kisses over the heaving green mounds, his tongue slipping between them as they smushed out to either side of his slime-dribbling mouth. Oola moaning loudly.

Jabba opened his eyes to slits and carefully observed Oola's facial expressions as his tongue poked and carressed in circles and passes around her nipples, then fanning out as he licked under them and slurped up her tits, finally loosening the feelings of forbidden stimulation that he'd raised in her once again. Jabba watched her face turn from defiant revulsion to sudden delight and joy and loosed a hearty, liquid chuckle that rumbled up from deep inside of him to vibrate Oola's entire naked form with his shaking belly.

It always ended the same. The slave's disgust always turned to pleasure, and her defiance to obedience, when Jabba worked his will on her, and reminded her of her proper place - writhing in pleasure from my administrations.

The tongue proceeded lower, his drool sliding down Oola's bare flesh and pooling slightly in her belly button, to be licked free from it by the tongue which it dripped from originally, the tongue which was inexorably headed further down below. The very tip of his tongue slid betwixt Oola's slightly spread thighs, and the tip curled up, and inwards.



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The tongue she'd only moments before found so repulsive now made Oola's back arch in intense pleasure, as though from a long-awaited lover, her nude form, glistening in his saliva, rubbing and heaving against the slimy hulk of her one true Master, that fat tongue probing into her womanly depths slowly at first, then with a lustful roughness shoving deeper inside without the slightest warning, and lifted.

Oola flinched, mouth wide now, breath drawing in slower and slower, her breasts heaving as her Master's tongue slurped and slobbered and wormed its way between her pussy lips and slithered inside her innermost depths. And suddenly she felt herself being lifted up, up, her whole body rising into the air now, held aloft entirely by Jabba's powerful tongue squirming in her womb. And then...

"OhhhHHhhh..." she cried. "Nnhh... annnh... ohhh... mmh... nn... uh... Uh... UH... AH-" Oola gasped. "ahh... huhh... hhHUUHHhhh... hahhh... huhh... nnnhh... mmm... mmM... MMMHhh... MMhhh--!

She was so close to that sweet, golden release, her body shivering with forbidden lust, her inevitable fate after this has concluded forgotten. Jabba made deep, gutteral rumblings of delight and pleasure as the slime-covered muscle penetrated her, pulling back and then wriggling in again. She spread her thighs around that huge tongue, and soon she came, came, came, to a shuddering, moaning, bucking climax, her naked and slime-slathered body writhing against Jabba, her cries filling the chamber.

The tongue was surprisingly strong, as each thrust from it lifted Oola up an inch or so, her sandal-clad feet leaving the dais each time it reentered her body. And each time she went up, she tilted forwards over Jabba's great belly, so that her breasts entered his maw to be kissed and suckled on once more.

Slowly, Jabba pulled his tongue free from within her confines, dripping in her juices, and pulled it up to his mouth to taste, flinging a few little droplets of it against her sweet green skin. He rumbled happily at her flavor. He settled back and watched you seemingly impassively, then handed your leash off to an oinking Gammorrean guard who'd been standing nearby the entire time.

"Go and put on some new clothes. Shortly, I will throw a grand party and I want you looking your best when you dance for my many esteemed guests."

Oola nodded numbly, and slowly began to get down off of the dais. The moment her feet touched the sand-covered trapdoor, however, Jabba struck like a coiled cobra. His fat fist hit the button on his arm rest. Salacious Crumb screamed with laughter. Oola's eyes went wide and the Gammorrean holding onto her leash gave a startled grunt and let go of it as the band suddenly stopped playing.

Before she could fully comprehend what was happening, Oola felt everything rushing up around her. She screamed. Too late, she realized nothing was going up - she was going down! She flung her arms up over her head as she went down into the open maw of the trapdoor. Jabba watched her terrified face disappear into the darkness, her fingers lightly brushing the sides in a final, desperate and hilariously pathetic attempt to grab on. And then she was gone.

The Gammorrean guard who'd been holding her leash hadn't been quick getting out of the way. Hearing his startled squeal, Jabba turned lazily and watched the fat green hog struggle to maintain his balance, arms waving, until his great bulk sent him tumbling in directly after Oola. His fingertips grasped desperately at the edge of the dais, but then slid free and he dropped with surprising grace into the dark tunnel. Jabba wiggled his tail back and forth happily as Salacious Crumb cackled.

All of this Jabba observed in the space of the few seconds it took for them both to be sent away from his disapproving view.

Then with a great rumbling groan of grinding stone the dais slid forward over the open pit after the Gammorrean had fallen in, blocking out the harsh light so that their tumble down the slide was in darkness, as he laughed with great mirth and joy, throwing his hands up in triumph as his various lickboots and cronies cheered and begin gathering around the viewing grate Oola had been dancing on top of only a few minutes ago.

Oola tumbled down a narrow, rocky tunnel, her lekku tearing and thrashing against its walls, and suddenly she tumbled out into a pool of murky light. She screamed as she tumbled to sand and stone and quickly pushed herself to her feet and glanced around. She was in a massive chamber filled with bones. Mere seconds later she was joined by the hapless Gammorrean guard who landed less than gracefully beside her. Oinking, he got to his feet. Oola ignored him for the moment, continuing to glance around, terrified and sore. Glancing up, Oola could see Jabba's repulsive form atop his dais as numerous faces leaned over the grating of the floor high above them.

Suddenly a massive rumbling noise shook the chamber. The sounds of enormous gears turning. Oola and the guard both whirled around and watched as a gigantic rusty door at the opposite end of the chamber began to slowly rise. Oola felt a scream catch in her throat. The Gammorrean, for his part, realizing his fate, looked up at Jabba and squealed for mercy as the Rancor emerged from its den, loosing a tremendous, crackling roar. Oola stopped herself from screaming and backed away slowly, as the enormous reptilian beast stomped towards them.

For the moment, it was focused entirely on the squealing Gammorrean, whose entreaties for clemency had been answered only by jeers and laughter. Turning, he saw the Rancor was upon him, and threw his pudgy arms up in a pitiful effort to defend himself from the reward Jabba had chosen to bestow upon him for his loyal service as an enormous clawed hand reached down with deliberate care and seized his fat body. Squealing louder than ever he was picked up. Oola watched, naked and frozen and with terror, as the kicking hog was rasied up to the Rancor's face. The mouth opened, and in he went.

His squeals were silenced for good as the enormous, hungry beast crammed him inside whole, its cheeks bulging outward with his fat form, his feet sticking out and kicking weakly. The Rancor bit down with a bone-shattering crunch, and the wiggling feet stopped moving. Up above, everyone cheered and applauded. Except Jabba. He was uninterested in seeing fat Gammorreans die. He licked his lips in anticipation of the second course, the Rancor's true intended meal.

Oola sobbed as she watched the horrifying sight of the beast throw back its head and swallow. The dead Gammorrean made an obscene bulge in the Rancor's thick neck that travelled down and vanished behind the collar bone. The creature opened its mouth revealing the guard was completely gone, and belched loudly. Seeing Oola, it turned and stomped towards her, its huge, clawed hands reaching for her.

The Twi'Lek screamed and the partygoers above cheered louder than ever as she turned and ran, nude except for her sandals and collar, across the floor of the pit, her leash trailing after her. She clambered over some rough, sharp rocks littered with bones, desperately looking for somewhere to hide, some crevice to squeeze her naked, vulnerable body into. Then she saw it! Underneath a big stone slab, there was a space she thought she could wriggle into. She slid down the side of the rock, and got down on her hands and knees and started crawling inside--

But then she was seized and lifted up. She screamed, her hands reaching desperately for the imagined and now out of reach salvation of the tiny crevice. The Rancor's clawed fingers curled tightly around her, held her, and she turned in its grip to face the beast. She was lifted slowly up, up into the air, so high that she almost thought she could reach up and touching the grating that allowed Jabba and his cronies to witness this grisly spectacle, and then she was face to face with the monster, its beady eyes glaring hungrily at her nubile form. Then the maw opened, a huge foul-smelling slimy cave of blunt teeth leading into a cavernous black pit of darkness. A thick, slobbering tongue lolled, and she was licked, squirming as her naked green body was covered in drool.

Then the hand moved her towards that maw and Oola let loose one final terrified scream as she knew she was dead. Unceremoniously the Rancor slid her naked form into its mouth. She slid and wriggled over the tongue, and then the jaws closed. Her bones cracked. Her life ebbed. She was still barely alive when the beast reared back its head and her broken body slid off of the tongue and down the pulsating black pit of the esophagus. Pulsating wet noises filled her dying ears, but, dimly, just before she blacked out completely, she could hear Jabba the Hutt's roaring, triumphant laughter up above...

As everyone cheered and clapped now that the show was over, Jabba leaned back in contentment. Another beautiful slave girl gone. He so loved using up and then destroying pretty things. The sight of the Rancor feasting had gotten him a little peckish, and so he turned to his frog bowl, only to find it empty. He frowned. Then he heard Salacious Crumb cackling beside him and licked his lips. Gently, he reached over and seized the little monkey lizard by the neck. Crumb's laughter was choked off into a terrified little squeal as he was picked up and placed inside his Master's maw. He struggled and kicked but the fat slimy tongue curled over him and the putrid lips closed, encasing him in darkness.

"Mmmmm..." Jabba intoned happily, and gave a tremendous swallow, feeling the struggling morsel slide down into his fat body. Salacious Crumb would never laugh again, but Jabba did. "Ho-ho-ho-hoooooo!" he bellowed.

The Hutt belched. As everyone else returned to their regular places and the Max Rebo Band started up again, Jabba eyed his remaining dancing girls, trying to pick which would would be next to have the honor of being leashed to their Master. His cold lizardlike eyes settled on Lyn Me, the pale Twi'Lek.

He rumbled happily and snorted...


Unlike Threepio, I can bear to watch.

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The human princess was small and petite, her skin a lovely creamy color and cheeks rosy, her long brown hair braided into a tight bun on the back of her, a necessity of having had to wear a large and uncomfortable helmet for an extended period of time. A few stray locks had come free and they fell across her face, her lips, painted with a deep red lipstick, parted in slight worry as she watched her friend - no, more than that; her lover - being led away by the guards. She watched Han disappear from sight, then turned and looked at the tyrannical ruler of this smoky, dim and dank palace on the desert planet Tatooine.


"Bring her to me!" Jabba the Hutt bellowed forth.


His cold reptilian eyes had not left her since he'd ordered Han taken away. And now he eyed her with barely-contained lust. He beckoned with his short, chubby, almost baby-like arms and suddenly Princess Leia Organa felt herself taken by the arms by two guards, a fat, green Gammorrean, the other a masked man, and hauled, resisting halfheartedly towards the Hutt. Jabba shifted about in great excitement, his eyes focusing on the chestplate of her armor, and what he knew lay beneath.


She thought back to how easy the plan had seemed. Get in disguised as the bounty hunter Boushh, offering Chewie to Jabba in return for payment... and then spend the night, releasing Han from the carbonite and escaping with him. Somehow, though, Jabba had known. And now Han was being taken to who knew where... and she was being led to a very different fate. She knew his reputation, and where this was going, and tried very, very hard to steel herself up for what was certain to be a very unpleasant experience.


The crowd parted before their approach. As she was pushed towards where Mighty Jabba sat, he licked his lips. and soon she stood before the Jabba, whose pudgy little fingers twitched and flexed in anticipation of the pleasure to come. Despite having eyed Lyn Me as a replacement for Oola, the urge to feed her to the Rancor had been too great after he'd done the same to Oola. And so instead of collaring her as his new pet he'd opened the trapdoor underneath her feet and sent her screaming into the blackness, and he'd greatly enjoyed her horrifying fate. Leia knew of the incident. She remembered hearing the doomed Twi'Lek's screams shortly after her arrival at the palace while still disguised as Boushh.


Now Mighty Jabba needed a new slave to be kept chained to him. Why not this human?


Leia, despite her predicament, felt her indignation rising, if not exactly her courage. This filthy slug repulsed her and presumed to have her treated roughly by his thugs. Didn't he know who she was? A princess and a key leader of the Rebellion?


"We have powerful friends," she said as the Gammorrean held her by the shoulders, forcing her to stand before Jabba. Being this close to the hideous gangster was nearly unbearable. "You're gonna regret this!" she vowed, hoping she sounded tough.


Mighty Jabba listened to her pathetic words of - as far as he was concerned - false bravery. His mouth twisted into a smug smirk and a throaty little chuckle rumbled up from the depths of his throat.


"I'm sure," he said. "Leiaaahhhhh..." he said in a husky whisper, and licked his lips again.


Looking down at the thick tongue slathering those fat chops, Leia flinched and turned away in revulsion with pitiful little cry of "Ohhhh...!"


She squeezed her eyes shut, wishing it was all a bad dream. The Gammorrean took her by both arms and shoved her closer and closer, until she was shoved right up against the monstrous doughy belly. Leia felt herself pushed against his fatty rolls, thick flesh squishing with wet squelching noises against her armor as her face came within inches of his own, slime being smeared over the front of her armor. Although she'd already suspected why Jabba had wanted her taken to him in this manner, it couldn't prepare her for it.


Mighty Jabba's huge nostrils flared as they drank in the scene of the female flesh so near, and he uttered a gurgling sigh as he licked his lips. The Hutt enjoyed the look of disgust on her face.


Nearby, Threepio whimpered pathetically, moaning that he couldn't watch and turning away. Even Bib Fortuna looked a little disgusted and winced at what was beginning to unfold before him. Salacious Crumb would've burst into laughter at Leia's expense... if watching Oola and a Gammorrean guard get swallowed by the Rancor hadn't gotten him hungry. The monkey lizard would never cackle again, stewing as he was in the great gut of his Master.


Leia squirmed and turned her head back around to glare into Jabba's glassy reptilian eyes with a look of angry defiance on her face. All her suspicions about the Hutt's reputation with reputation were now confirmed. She felt her courage returning, if only a little bit, and looked over his huge face so close to her. She found herself morbidly fascinated.


"If you let me go and Solo go, the Rebellion will pay you handsomely," she said suddenly.


Jabba gave her the satisfaction of hearing words of consideration. "Are you offering a bargain?" he asked.


Leia was wary of how easily he seemed to be accepting her offer, remembering how stubborn he was earlier when she was still disguised as Boushh. It entered her mind that Jabba was lying and just toying with her, but, all things considered, she was not in a position to argue. Meager hope was still hope. Even if it ended up being false hope. She moistened her red lips and nodded a little hesitantly in response.


"Yes," she said. "One which will be beneficial to you in more ways than you can possibly imagine."


The Hutt pursed his lips and glanced off to the side, then a moment later he suddenly opened his lips and leaned forward. Leia watched, transfixed, as his huge face came even closer, and was still trying to process what he was doing as suddenly those rancid lips slid over her pert ruby-red ones in a horrifying, slimy kiss that had her squeezing her eyes shut and shuddering all over. After a moment he leaned back, a thin string of spittle connecting their mouths. A flick of the fat tongue broke it, and the glob dangled from Leia's pretty red lips as she panted.


"Your proposal is worth consideration," Jabba said finally. "For the time being, consider yourself my insurance policy."


Leia was mildly relieved, but still horribly repulsed, her lips smeared with his saliva as she turned away once more, pursing her lips as Jabba licked her face again, slopping his tongue down her neck.


"Your hostage, you mean," she said firmly. She shuddered once more as she felt the tongue slurp down her tender throat.


"There are all sorts of words for it, Leia," Mighty Jabba said.


He barked something in Huttese and everyone except the Gammorrean guard holding her left the room, drawing the curtain after themselves. Jabba looked past her and nodded at the guard. The Gammorrean pulled Leia away from the dais by a few feet, then stopped, still holding her tightly.


"You have a couple of choices to make, my pretty, the first of which is stay alive...or..." He let the word dangle.


Leia turned her head to glare at him. The threat was unfinished, and yet she knew of Jabba's reputation for cruelty, which far exceeded his one for perversions. Perhaps it was best to submit. She nodded, and then allowed herself to be hauled away by the Gammorrean. Jabba watched her go and chuckled evilly.




The next day, Jabba's tongue slid over her face for what seemed like the millionth time as Leia lay sprawled on the dais alongside him in the musky, dim audience chamber, her body against his moist bulk. Jabba's greasy bulk heaved against her naked belly and half-covered breasts.


The Max Rebo band played a slow, smutty tune that fit the proceedings, and Yarna danced by herself out in the middle of the room, her fat body jiggling hypnotically. Rystal and Greeata sang in seductive, sultry tones, having a little difficulty after the loss of Lyn Me forced them to adapt from being a trio to a duo, but no one noticed or cared. All eyes were on Jabba and newest prize. The floor show was just window dressing.


This turn of events had certainly surprised Leia. She had assumed she'd be put in a cell like Han. Instead, she found herself wearing a humiliatingly skimpy dancing girl's costume. Her hair now tied back in a single, long attractive braid that draped over one shoulder, and she was naked except for a golden metal bra and a long maroon loincloth with nothing underneath. Velvet shoes covered her small feet and a gilded collar encircled her throat. A length of golden chain ran from the front to Jabba's hand. He never let go of it, holding on to her at all times.


Leia tried to turn away with horror as his tongue again decided to explore her face, shifting uncomfortably against him as she squirmed in his doughy embrace. Jabba hugged one of his arms tighter around her slender waist, her taut tummy rubbing and heaving against his slimy rolls of fat as she was held against his great belly. He started licking down along her jaw, her dainty hands pushing against what could charitably be called his shoulders as that tongue roamed ever lower, leaving its glistening trail of saliva.


Mighty Jabba enjoyed the slight bounce of her mostly covered breasts as she spat out the slime he'd smeared over her face. After the long night before and then this morning, Leia learned that his slime dried up and smeared off very easily when on human flesh. And so she endured him. Both in hopes that despite this degrading treatment he intended to hold to their deal, and, if not, then at least she could hold out until Luke arrived.


As she made another pathetic attempt to pull herself away, Mighty Jabba proceeded to start licking the base of her neck, right over her collar, as meanwhile he slipped a hand over her backside, groping right through the loincloth. Leia closed her eyes and gave a soft grunt as she felt his hand clutching possessively over her small rear end, only partially covered by the back part of the loincloth. She didn't speak. She hadn't said a single word to him since the previous day and she didn't intend to.


Jabba slipped a couple of fat digits up under the back part of Leia's loincloth, groping along the bottom curve of her backside. Her rear felt firm to his touch. Meanwhile, he began to lick the tops of her breasts. Squeezing a clammy handful of buttock, Jabba pulled Leia's hips closer, shoving her pelvis into his belly as he shoved his tongue smoothly down between the twin fleshes of her cleavage. Leia did not expect her reaction - she gave a little moan and felt herself moisten a bit between her legs, and not just from the slime soaking through the front part of the loincloth.


Jabba couldn't help himself - he started laughing, thick wells of rank rank breath puffing over Leia's face. "HO-Ho-ho-ho-ho, HAH-hah-hah-ha-hyeaaiiiighghghhgh..."


Leia grimaced at his taunting laughter.


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Jabba slurped her face again. "Remove your top, my pet."


She hesitated at this command, but decided to obey it. With a look of disdain on her smooth pretty face to indicate it was done under protest, she lifted her arms and reached behind herself to unclasp the metal top portion of her costume, allowing the ornate bra to fall away with a soft snapping sound of the released clasp, baring her modest but beautiful breasts to the Hutt. Jabba stared for a moment at those tasty breasts and then he started to slowly lick them, sliding his tongue in slow passes over each in turns, rubbing its tip in small circles 'round the nipples, forcing them to harden and become almost painfully erect as the cool air touched the slime coating them.


"Ohhh..." Leia's moan sounded different from the one she gave the previous day. As much as she hated herself, it was arousing her immensely what he was doing. Her firm breasts heaved and wiggled as Jabba's tongue teased them.


Jabba freed one hand from Leia's waist to reach for the side of her loincloth, caressing her thigh and hip beneath it. He kept licking her breasts and groping her ass and then he shoved his other hand between his belly and Leia's thigh, behind the front part of the garment she wore. Finding what he sought, he pressed a couple of fat fingers into Leia's waiting womanhood, sliding inside of her moist nether lips. Leia hitched in a sudden gasp and arched her bare back, grinding herself against Mighty Jabba, opening her thighs willingly to him now.


The Hutt watched her carefully, still slathering her breasts in saliva as he slowly reamed his finger up inside her sex. Leia slowed rolled her hips in time to the movements of Jabba's fingers, her chain clinking softly, a long, low moan coming forth from within her, deep and throaty. She touched herself, groping over her naked breasts, squeezing them, feeling Jabba's tongue slather over them and her hands. He kept reaming his fat fingers deeper into her, two of them pushing up and crowding her wet womanhood, and oh, the delight he took from her vocal reactions! He was also enjoying the conflicting looks of pleasure and disgust on her face.


A thin sheen of sweat began to appear on Leia, mingling in the cool air with Jabba's slime and saliva as she ground her womanhood harder on his invading fingers. Jabba's big belly got dimpled and squashed around as Leia's hips slowly gyrated and ground up against it, her breath getting heavier, slimy breasts heaving, hard nipples bushing over his flab, and he kept it up, wanting to hear her.


"Moan..." he commanded.


Leia promptly obeyed, closing her eyes again and loosing a salacious moan from her parted lips as she leaned her ponytailed head back, squeezing and clenching her entrance around Jabba's fingers and continuing to rub her breasts, pushing them against the Hutt's soft, doughy body.


"Uhhhhn..." she moaned.


Jabba released her backside - she wasn't going anywhere now - and groped at one of her breasts, cupping it and roughly thumbing the nipple, continuing to assault her sex with his fingers, spreading them out, curling them, pulling and stroking at her wet walls, making her so fucking wet... so close now...


Leia moaned, a high, whimpery little cry of need. She was close. She felt it building within her. The dawning climax. Her hips began to work faster, her juices dribbling out over Jabba's hand. And then he suddenly withdrew his fingers. Leia blinked, her hips bucking reflexively in the air for a brief moment before she slowly stopped, opening her eyes and leaning her head forwards to look at Jabba in confusion and anger. He simply stopped, leaving her panting and moaning against him but doing nothing else to fulfill her desire. Jabba licked his lips but did nothing else.


Leia collapsed panting against him, giving another disappointed little whimper. He didn't volunteer to assist her. He just watched her with detached scrutiny, knowing exactly what he was doing. Biting her lower lip, Leia hesitantly slid her hand beneath the loincloth, intending to please herself if he'd let her.


He wouldn't.


He grabbed the chain and pulled it to the side, angling the collar to the back of her neck, and he tugged it hard, enough to make Leia stop what she was doing and try to rescue her precious air.


Leia's hands flew up to grab at the collar. "Ack...!"


"You touch yourself only if I tell you to," Jabba rumbled, then loosened his grip on the chain slightly, allowing her to breath, but keeping her in the chokehold. "You seem annoyed," Jabba observed after a moment of studying her face. "Permission to speak. Within reason."


"You... didn't let me finish," Leia said hoarsely.


"Finish what?" Jabba licked his lips, eying her heaving breasts, the slime already drying.


"My..." Leia trailed off and looked away, then turned back and eyed Jabba, blushing slightly. She didn't want to say it, but... "Climax."


Mighty Jabba was enjoying this far more than she could possibly understand. "What do you wish to do about it, then?"


"I... I wish to finish, if it is my Master's wish." She frowned a little.


Jabba grinned. "I might need some convincing. Ask me more properly, my pet."


Leia flushed and nibbled on her lower lip. It was obvious she was impatient. Her demeanor and voice took on a more humble air. "Please, Mighty Jabba... let climax, if such is your delight..."


He tugged her chain. "Say it again."


"Uhh... please."


He twisted the chain back to Leia's front and yanked her back to him, grabbing her by her slender waist in both hands, the princess crying out, Jabba moving his carefully positioned tail over and proceeding to ram it under her loincloth and right between her thighs, thrusting it up, up, UP! Leia felt the thick tip of the tail probing, gasping as she thought it was about to penetrate her rear end before it instead curled up and began to slide into her still sensitive womanhood. Again she groaned and arched her back.


Jabba slipped his hands down onto Leia's hips and pulled, letting her get some leverage as the princess turned slave spread her thighs around the front of his bulbous belly, grinding up on it as he reamed his tail deeper and deeper until it bottomed out. He waited for her initial frenzy of moans and bucks and squirms to finish, and once she placed her hands upon the upper slops of his belly, getting into just the right position... she began to ride her Master.


Ride him she did, grinding her heaving, nearbly naked form to him with a deep and wanton lust she'd never known before, her face close to Jabba's, heedless of the fact she found him revolting earlier, breathing deeply of his fetid breath as it washed over her. Her hips rolled slowly with her exertions as it ground and squeezed his tail deep within her womanly depths, kissing him, ignoring the fact it was his nose she kissed, getting mucus and snot all over her ruby lips anew.


Her breasts bounced and slapped against Jabba's flab, making his belly jiggle, and she grunted and panted, riding him harder, really humping his big belly, squeezing a good hunk of flabby flesh up between her thighs as she strove to get that tail in deeper. Jabba started licking her breasts in quick slurps and slaps, making her buck, moan... and then... THEN...!


"Cum for your Master..."


Leia loosed her final lusty cry as she hit her peak and screamed out in sheer delight as her form was rocked by a powerful orgasm, body shuddering as thick juices poured out around Jabba's tail in rivulets to dribble down the thick, green wiggling length. Jabba kept at her, not letting up in the slightest, milking his new slave for all she was worth. Leia continued bucking wildly for a few moments longer as she rode out the last waves of the orgasm, before slowly, it tapered off, and she collapsed against Jabba's slimy fat body, this time sated.


As the gasping, sweaty form slid down the boated belly to lay exhausted outstretched on the dais before her Master, Mighty Jabba rumbled in delight and shut his eyes. Beneath him, Leia slowly closed hers as well, and in moments was fast asleep. Jabba's eyes slid open, looking down at the nearly nude, slimy form of his new pet. His lips parted gently, and he salivated hungrily. Thick mucus also now poured from his flaring nostrils as he breathed deep. The disgusting mixture of drool and snot slowly slid down his heaving belly to pool on Leia's breasts and tummy. Jabba did a slow circuit of his fat chops with his tongue, lapping up his own snot and spit and belching happily.


Leia was definitely turning out to be a very good slave. This one he wouldn't feed to the Rancor. Yet. That might come later. He tightened his grip on the chain which held Leia bound to him. This one, he knew, was going to last him a long time. Tomorrow he'd execute Solo and his Wookiee friend, using them to fill the Rancor's belly, and make his slave watch. The thought made him belch in pleasure again, the chain clinking softly in his chubby hand. Then, he thought, he'd probably have those two droids dismantled as well. And as for the so-called "Jedi," Jabba didn't care about him. Bib was right. He was no Jedi. Mighty Jabba had nothing to fear from him.


Yes, he thought, as his eyelids grew heavier and slowly began to close, tomorrow he'd kill Leia's friends, and then she could truly begin her new life as his plaything in earnest. This was just day one. And as for their deal? Mighty Jabba didn't honor agreements made with slaves. She may have once been a princess but she was nothing but his slave now. Besides, he thought foggily... deals were made to be broken.


His eyes slid fully shut and he soon drifted off into a pleasant slumber to the slowing tune of the band, the fluids of his exertion crusting slowly on him and Leia.


The End.



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