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Tina Richman
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Hello all! I'm Tina, Slave Girl.

I'm looking for someone to RP with me as my Hutt Master, with me as your beautiful, scantily-clad slave girl ;)  Writing and grammar skills MUST be advanced and legible.

I can RP as Leia, myself, or an entirely made up character.

While I can and will just casually RP, I'd much rather create a story based, emotionally driven RP that also features the feelings, thoughts, backstory, etc. of the slave girl and/or Hutt Master (Whether it be Jabba, or another Hutt).

Also, to any fellow slave girls, feel free to comment or message me if you're interested in discussing fantasies, RPing together, or RPing with a mutual Hutt Master together.

To potential Hutts- if you are interested in my "services" as a slave girl, either comment in the thread or shoot me a msg.

Thanks you all!


<3 Jabba's Slave Girl 4EVER! <3

The collar around my neck tightens and I quickly fall back against my Master's belly. His rough, oily hand reaches down to grasp my naked shoulder. He lets out a bellowed chuckle of joy and lust as he slowly begins to stroke my exposed arm, savoring the feeling of my warm, smooth skin.

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I will. Message me.
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I can also RP with too Tina, just send me a message.


"I tried to resist my Master's advances, but now I am his Slave girl and Lover forever."

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I'll RP with you, Tina. Send me a message anytime.

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OK, how the hell does this roleplay thing work here?  Do we just message back and forth or something?  Or do we go to another site?

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I would love to be owned by a hutt master with you Tina

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His High Exaltedness, the Great Sulla the Hutt

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I own Tina, and would be happy to own you as well...

"Let them marvel at our splendor ... let them cringe in our power ... let them feel the weight of our chains as they serve their rightful masters." - His High Exaltedness, Jabba the Hutt

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