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scott slave embrace
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She's beautiful, sexy and the fact that she's a woman, and Hutts desire women to add to the harem. The second her helmet came off, Jabba saw the potential then got a much closer look, but that part is for another topic, lol.

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His High Exaltedness, the Great Sulla the Hutt

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Pretty sure he knew she was a princess, too, being tipped off by Boba Fett.  Hutts love to enslave powerful bipedal women. 


"Let them marvel at our splendor ... let them cringe in our power ... let them feel the weight of our chains as they serve their rightful masters." - His High Exaltedness, Jabba the Hutt

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Gameorrean Pron Star
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I agree, the chance to flex his power over her, over a royal princess and a woman of culture and standing would have really appealed to a Hutt.
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Jabba the slave master
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I agree. One she was a woman and hutts, well they ensalved them. Leia was a princess so he took advantage of that and stripped her of her dignity literally and figuratively. So he liked having power over somone of her status.
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