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Some fanfictions say a pleasure room existed where Jabba tortured Leia. What are your thoughts?
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Well it makes sense Jabba would have some sort of private quarters away from the throneroom. Somewhere he could sleep, rest, and entertain himself without worrying about guests or interruptions. He certaintly didn't sleep exclusively in his throne room.

The only real mention of this room that I can think of off the top of my head is in the old Star Wars Galaxies MMO. If you explored Jabba's palace you could eventually find his "private room" where he had a bed, fireplace, and other decorations. Considering this is where he probably slept it's logical to come to the conclusion that Jabba probably brought slaves there to entertain him. "Torture" isn't quite the word I would use to describe what he might have done to them.

Whether or not Leia ever was unfortuante to end up there with Jabba is more up in the air and has to do with how long you believe she was Jabba's slave.


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The place where he hides when he catches her is actually an elevator up to his private suite.  Which is probaly where he would have taken her.  Check out the map of Jabba's Palace for details:


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