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My understanding is that he liked the feeling of Leia's bare stomach, and also the domination he exerted over her.
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I think Jabba liked feeling Leia skin against his and he also liked licking her as well as having complete domination over her as she was held in "The Embrace".


"I tried to resist my Master's advances, but now I am his Slave girl and Lover forever."

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Because it brought her nice and close, where they could get to "know" each other much better. Or so I'd imagine. I have no doubt that as a Hutt with a rough, itchy hide, Jabba must've found Leia's softer, smoother skin to be very pleasuring to the touch. One of my favorite imagines is of Jabba pulling Leia into the embrace, and then wrapping one of his chubby arms around her slender waist, ensnaring her in his grip and ensuring there was no chance for her to escape, and barely giving her room to struggle against him.

And, all of this contributes to the domination he held over her.


<3 Jabba's Slave Girl 4EVER! <3

The collar around my neck tightens and I quickly fall back against my Master's belly. His rough, oily hand reaches down to grasp my naked shoulder. He lets out a bellowed chuckle of joy and lust as he slowly begins to stroke my exposed arm, savoring the feeling of my warm, smooth skin.

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Well it's also pretty obvious, when you think about it, that the Slave's Embrace (good name, btw) is also a pretty "convenient" position for Jabba to do anything he wants to a woman. ;)

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