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This story takes place shortly after Leia have been married and the memory of Jabba the Hutt comes to take his revenge on the young couple.

Jabba's Revenge

It was night and Leia tossed and turned a smoky mist slid from her dresser, invisible to the heat sensors and motion sensors along the floor, and walls the fingers and tendrils of the ice cold air rolled along the floor, easing up the sheer sheets to Leia’s flushed red face. They curled and soon her body was ensnared in the writhing tendrils and the sheer debauched presence. 


Leia moaned as she awoke on the pile of pillows in the harem den of Jabba the Hutt.

The air was hazy with the smoke of Jabba's hookah as he meditated nearby. This had to be a dream Leia thought as she lifted her self up. Jabba was dead. she had killed him. This was a strange dream. She saw Jabba's golden red eyes open, and she looked on his slug like body in disgust.

The chain attached to her collar rose, as he lifted it with a finger-less paw, and she stood and walked slowly and to her unwilling surprise, seductively, over to his bulging belly. 

Leia struggled in the dream to run from the Hutt, but her body would not respond.

"I killed you!" She heard herself hiss into the Hutts face.

"You did pretty Leia, but you are still mine!" The Hutt rumbled.

"I'm not yours, to have!" Leia grasped her chain, her other hand on his belly, the red eyes dilated and seemed to swirl, his slimy tongue slid across his crack of a mouth. Slime dripped from the many cracks from his lips, behind her the holding tank for the patty frogs sloshed with live food.

"You’re just a dream!" Leia squeezed his blubber, remembering how she had wrapped the links around his neck and hauled back as he struggled.

"Yes, but I am in your dream." The Hutt chortled, his belly rumbled under her hand. To her it felt deep and soft almost soothing.

"Why! Because I killed you scum? Why would I dream about you!"  Leia lifted the heavy chain looked at its links then dropped it and walked a few feet away looking at the Hutt as he watched her.

"You have a secret, dark, depraved, and willing. That is why I'm here. Deep inside you lusted for me, the excitement, the shame, the humiliation." Jabba rumbled.


Her mouth fell open. "This is my sick fantasy, being your willing slave? Why?  I hate you!" Leia yelled. The Hutt rolled back in a rolling thunderous booming laugh.

"What am I willing to do in this dream of mine?" Leia whispered in horror. She remembered the humiliation as Luke had glanced at her sitting in front of Jabba. She had expected to go to a holding cell with Chewbacca and Han. Jabba had other plans for her though.

"Feel the seduction around you? Fall, let it fill your senses, the darkness surrounds you."

Leia could smell in the dream, suddenly, the spice, the Hutts dark odor, the smell of spilled liqueur, and the dancer's wispy perfume. Deeper she fell into the dream. The whole audience chamber was empty, just herself and Jabba. Then she could smell the underlying scent of rancor and rot from the cavern below.

She gasped, she still had the costume tucked away, still smelling of Jabba, why she thought, had she kept it, she could have tossed it into the endless desert but she hadn't. She could hear the music, the roar of laughter, soft moans of pleasure from the slave-girls.

Sweat beaded on her body as she opened her eyes with a gasp, the slave garment she had been forced to don had replaced her nightgown.

"Seduction" Leia whispered, Han had seduced her and now looking back, the Hutt was another seduction. A taboo she had hidden.

The heavy gold top rose and fell with her now deep breaths, she felt the cool underground air on her legs and felt the leather boots on her feet. The silk loincloth tickled her thighs and she felt her hair in the single braided tail behind her.

"Ooohhhh!" Cackled Salacious Crumb as he admired her from the pillow nearby.

"NO I WILL NOT SUBMIT- NEVER!" Leia yelled as the Hutt reared up.

The dream ended, she felt herself falling, and then she jerked awake next to her husband Han Solo.


"Jabba!" She gasped as her husband handed her warm milk.

"It was a dream, Jabba's dead, blown up, and dried out in the dune sea." Han settled across from her. 

"I killed him." Leia stated looking blank.

"Good riddance!" Han said as he got up.

"I want to see the body." Leia looked up. 

"What you want to see a dried up slug? What for?" Han blinked the sleep from his eyes.

"Han I need to!" Leia protested. 

"I though you didn't have a thing for Hutts," Han said and gave his goofy grin. Leia gave him a glare that would have killed an ice creature.

"All right just joking! You have no meetings next week, so we will head to Tatooine then. Sheesh." Han rolled over.




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There where no dreams the rest of that week. Leia gazed at the sandy spire of Tatooine as the Millennium Falcon drew close to the planet.

"You sure you want to do this?" Han looked over at her. "We would have known if he was still alive." We will find out more about the wreck from the Jawa’s. 

"I just have to see a body!" Leia said.

"He was probably taken by scavengers, maybe the sandworms ate him." Han smiled at the thought.

"No he is still here, I can feel him." Leia said.

Han looked at her worriedly. "I hope this isn't a dark force thing Leia."

The Jawa's at the docking bay chittered and Han shook his head trying to understand them, until an obnoxious interpreter droid offered help. The Jawa’s threw up their hands and cried out as Han asked about the Hutt's sail barge. He got a bunch of responses and turned to the droid.

“Well what the nova’s did they say?” He did not like the little aliens body expressions.

“They have not gone near the barge! They know the location but they say it's haunted, not even the bantha's or sandpeople go near it." The droid tottered off.

Jawa's just giving up a wreck? Han felt a bad feeling come over him. Jawa's Luke had told him never gave up a wreck not one so famous as Jabba’s barge. This was just creepy.

"Oh yes!" The droid turned around as if his memory bank had flashbanked. "They say the dried bodies walk around at night."

"Leia!" He turned with a ripple of fear. Yes he was going to take a blaster, and a big one!

"Were going Han!" Leia said defiantly.

“From what the Jawa’s told us the barge drifted away from the sarlacc, after the battle broke out, its half a mile away from that maw" Han said looking over the radar. 

The small speeder crested a dune like a small boat in a storm. 

Peering out over the blinding gleaming sand Han saw no dried bodies, the fiends Jabba had on that day where bad enough alive, but dead he could deal without, he touched his blaster comforting himself.

“There it is!” Han noted as he swung the bow of the speeder at an angle. The sand blasted dura steel prow gleamed from a huge sand dune.

"Good lets go!" Leia holstered her blaster. The small speeder landed in a rush of sand twenty meters away from  the prow jutting from a sand dune. It had landed upright after drifting from the explosions and its upper deck and hull were buried under a massive sand dune.

They stepped up the shifting sands to the huge dura-steel object. 

"See no way in!" Han knocked on the durasteel prow. He hoped nobody knocked back. “Well this was a short trip nobody could get out when this thing went up-Jabba did not skimp on fuel this thing went up like a torch. No need to go in.” Han smiled and turned to go back to the speeder. 

"That's ok, I got Luke's light saber" She lit it up and advanced on the sand blasted hull.

"He gave you his saber?!" Han said in disbelief and dread she was determined.  

"I told him about the dreams and he agreed with me I have to get over this." Leia said cutting into the hull.


Han was speechless as the metal hull, was cut into a doorway, the metal glowing around the edges fell in with a clang, the darkness beckoned. Han flashed back to the battle he did not see the battle but the yells of panic seemed to swirl out of the darkness he paused. 


Leia walked slowly down the steel stair to the main cabin, the light saber cast a hazy glow around her as she descended into the entombed ship. Mummified bodies badly mangled, electrical lines and deck plates blocked her way. One of the guards that had raped her in the palace gazed up from the deck dried out like a paper doll. 

She ignored the guard bodies and ruthlessly cut though places she had too, and reached her goal. 


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She had strangled him and he had fallen forward, the explosion and settling of the barge had rotated him back upright. On his pillow covered dais, two crusty holes, half covered by dried eye lids stared at her in the fuzzy blue light of the light saber. Jabba's tongue had dried and snapped off at his lips leaving a coral looking stump protruding. 


Jabba's evil and malevolence still hung heavy in the dark air. 

"See, the worm is dead. And even worse looking then he was alive." Han said.

Han picked up a pipe from the ceiling and poked the Hutts dead belly. The dried skin and fat fell inward, leaving a dark hole and a slight ghostly dusting in the air. Somewhere in the skin, the massive guts had dried into a heap.

“Soon you will learn to appreciate me.”

The Huttese rumble came from the surrounding air.

"His last words that I remember!"  Leia looked at the dried cracked lips stepped back and narrowed her eyes.

"What?" Han looked over, his glow stick lighting up the Hutt corpse/mummy.

"You didn't hear that?" Leia said the heat from the dunes had plastered her jumpsuit to her sweaty frame.

"No! What?" Han looked over the wreckage around him sand trickled in past a shuttered window behind him making a pile. 

"Nothing." Leia said exasperated as she climbed up on the dais inspecting the chain still around the Hutts neck, thrown back by the explosion.

"You strangled him? With the chain?" Han peered closer.

"Yes. He fought hard, but his blubber weighed him down. After I hit the controls for the windows. It threw these bastards into apeshit panic.”

"Luke finished the ones that got on deck" Han finished for her.

Leia closed her eyes the battle rushed back, the confusion, the terror, the Hutt roaring orders to pirates and smugglers as they panicked, and fighting each other, not expecting this turn of events.


She felt herself pulling on the chain again the links digging into her fingers as she tightened it on the Hutts windpipe, the Hutt fighting, gurgling, gasping, straining. She concentrated on her hatred of the Hutt for hurting Han, wishing her force powers would drive the ghosts away.

"Get the ship ready to leave, Ill be with you in a few moments." Leia said.

"Sure right, just make sure this whole thing doesn't collapse on you. Han said as his grin on his rugged face lit up blue with the light. He looked up as sand sprinkled through a crack in the deck above. The steel groaned like a sub under sea compression a haunting creaking sound. 

He was glad to be out Han could feel the spirits lurking down the small corridors and rooms. They ducked out of sight when he looked. 


In the main cabin, Hans light faded as she heard him navigate though the wreckage back to the surface. She was alone with the Hutt.

"Remember me?" She whispered, as she mounted the dais, the pillows and fur still remained as it had. The light saber made Jabba's empty eye sockets jump with shadows.

"Oh yes master! You liked these didn't you." She mocked the corpse; she slowly unzipped the front of her jumpsuit. Her breasts bulged out and she cupped them offering the dead Hutt one last look. 

"But your dead! So stay out of my dreams." She snarled and reversed the light blade and sank it into his mummified head. She whipped the blade out and snapped it around into a downward slice into his belly. Mummified guts, paper thin dried fat, and skin opened and poured around her feet.

"It’s finished. I'm not your slave anymore." Leia said zipping back up.

She swung the lightsaber in an arc that puffed into the mummified throat, then she twisted it around and plunged the blade of light and good, deep into the dried black heart.


The energy had left the corpse, a soft wind blew her bangs, maybe she should not have come back, the mummified Hutt had almost called her and she had come. She shook it off revolted at the silent thought in her head. Shadows shifted the hull creaked and moaned under the weight of the dune atop it.

Leia walked boldly and confidently up to the sunlight, As if an after thought, she dropped a kiloton thermal detonator into the darkness behind her.

"What was that flash?" Han said as the sensors beeped steadily as they powered away,  he looked back at the mushroom cloud rising over the dunes. 

“I left him a gift.” Leia said dryly as she settled black on the seat. “I hoped he liked it.” Han shook his head.


“Ok you strangled him, he's been blown up, mummified and sliced with a light-saber now you kiloton him into sand dust, nice touch." Han said as the sand cloud drifted away behind them.


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The dream came, she smelled the tangy odor of spice and she felt faint. 

No! She was here again, and after all she had done, he was here too.  Jabba the Hutt gazed at her with slitted eyes. The throne room was empty except for the annoying monkey lizard.

“You won’t get rid of me that easy little Leia.” He rumbled. “I am you, a part of you that you cannot get rid off, your guilt, your shame, your pride.”

“I nuked your petrified ass! And I am proud, I married Han Solo, I helped defeat the Empire.” She marched across the room, the drapery of the dancer dress tickled and caressed her thighs and legs, the leather of the gold caged brassier cupped her swaying breasts.


Jabba billowed a cloud of smoke as she stepped up on the dais defiantly and angry.

Crumb squeaked as she kicked a pillow in his face and he scampered behind the bloated slug. 

“Ho Ho Ho!” Jabba laughed “Leia has spunk, like the day she killed me. Ready to submit to your master!” Jabba said and sucked back a swirling cloud of spice.

Leia laughed in the Hutts face. “You should have seen how you really look. A dried up empty mummy, now fried to ashes in a glassed out hole in the desert.” Leia turned and grabbed a struggling paddy frog and threw it into Jabba’s red gold eyes. 

“I like defiance, you know what I did to the girl before you? I fed her to the rancor” Jabba grabbed the paddy frog from his face and ate it. Leia flinched as the frog squealed as Jabba swallowed it whole. 


Behind her the trap door opened and the rumble of the rancor came to her ears. Submit or every time you dream, you will have to be eaten over and over again. Leia froze, she felt faint, and steadied herself on the Hutts belly. “What do you want?”

“I want you!” he Hutt bellowed. “By day Han has you, but in your dreams you are mine!” Leia gazed in the red orbs of his eyes and felt stunned. 

“You are in my dream, and I am not yours.” Leia said. Jabba laughed.

“Your dreams are of submission and slavery to me, you want this!” He said slyly and lifted his tail. With a sickening squelch his white cartilage cock slid out of the underside of the tail.


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“Ugg! No I will never.” Leia gasped and stood against the tank of spiced paddy frogs. 

Then she smiled a knowing smile a smile of someone who had just found out something secret.


This is my dream!” Suddenly a light saber popped into existence and she grabbed it out of midair. The Hutts eyes went wide as she swung the glowing green blade around cutting though the thick tail with a single swipe, the Hutt roared as it looked at the tail twisting and flopping on the floor. Then she reversing it, the blade of light, and plunging it deep into his black foul heart, the neon glow issuing from his below his skin. 


“Uburgle!” Jabba gasped, as he died, his mouth issuing burning Hutt insides. Leia dismounted the throne and turned. Salacious crumb leapt at her in fury, his claws extended. Leia was waiting; the green blade whirled up in a sweeping circle cutting the monkey lizard horror in half.

She looked down as steam of burned cauterized lizard issued from his beak. Leia smiled as the great door opened to the starlit Tatooine night, and to the speeder bike that was to take her to the falcon. 

Leia awoke next to Han smiling. “I won’t be having anymore dreams about the slug.” She said as she slid out of the bed as Han looked perplexed behind her. The sun was glittering among the spires of Coruscant. Leia was happy and doomed.


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Leia sat on the pillow the curtains before her, she had thought it was over, now she was back. Maybe the Hutt was dead, she sighed as the light saber fell into her hand. She brushed past the curtain into the throne room, and she was mighty pissed.  She stopped as twenty Gamoreans stood before her, all armed, all drooling on the floor. The Hutt was not in sight. 


“Kill the slave!” Jabba’s voice boomed in the chamber. All the pig guards rushed squealing at her as she swung and swung. She killed them and more kept coming, a whole dream realm of Jabba’s guards. Suddenly they vanished into whirling cloud of sand being sucked down the grate to the Rancor den. 

Jabba slid out of the shadows. She ran forward swinging the light saber. 


The light saber blade turned to sand when it hit Jabba, and the handle disintegrated in her tight grip. Sand poured from her astonished hand.

“It seems your conscience does not want to hurt me after all pretty Leia.” Jabba chuckled as he swung around her, his belly rippled as he slid smoothly on the floor. Leia closed her eyes.

“I will never…” Leia sobbed.

“But you will.” Jabba slid his tail up her thigh.

“No!” She kicked the tail away. Tears ran down her face.

“You want to. You have been in control, now submit to your inner desires.” Jabba eyes opened wide, his red, gold eyes sucking in her passions. She found herself in the dancer dress, the leather cupping her aroused breasts and the silk skirt touching her thighs sensuously the collar heavy and cold around her throat. 

“Come to me of your own free will my dear. Come.”  Jabba licked his lips.

“I’m sick in the head, you must have planted a chip when I was captured.” Leia stated as she watched the Hutt as he circled her. She turned and sat on the dais.

“I can’t submit. I hate you and always will.” Leia said. The Hutt turned and gave a low rumble, his tail flashed out and Leia gasped as the tail smacked into her she flew and flew over the dunes under the stars forever!


 “Han!” She shouted bolting upright in bed.

“What!" Han said grasping his blaster he yanked from the table next to the bed.

“Jabba must have implanted a chip in my brain to make me have these dreams. Get artoo in here to scan for devices.” Leia said exhausted as she stood by the window.

“Dreams again!” Han said half stupid from sleep.

Artoo chirped as his blue light flashed multiple times on Leia’s head. 

“Artoo can find no clip or device in your head princess.” See-Threepio said waving his arms. Leia sighed and Han went back to bed. 

“Luke is coming in the morning damn it he can figure this force shit out.” Han stayed awake the whole night.


Luke walked in and felt her head and pushed in with the force.

“Lots of trauma, memories, pain but nothing artificial. It’s only been a year since his death and you’re under a lot of stress. He might be imprinted on you because you killed him but I don’t feel his presence.” Luke sighed and drank a cup of caff and looked out the window. 

“Anyway its just a dream, I use to have them about Vader and the Emperor but they killed each other.” Luke paused. 

 “He’s a Hutt, Luke, nobody knows what their ghosts are like, he keeps saying seduction and free will.” Leia snapped as she hugged her chest. 

“Its in your mind Leia you told me about nuking his ship that just brought things back.”

“I know what he wants, he wants me.” Leia covered her face with her hand.


“You have to think, are you in control? Or is he in control. Its your mind. You can do anything.” Luke took a drink his eyes gazing at her. 

“Fine I’ll see you in the morning.” Leia huffed curling up.


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Weeks passed and then curled up in bed alone, she smelled it, Spice and she knew what was coming, the Hutt was slithering back from the darkness. she snarled silently as she snuggled down into the bed.

 She walked out from the tunnel into Jabba’s throne room, guided by Salcious Crumb who led her by the hand to his master.

“The Princess is here!” he laughed then scampered up Jabba.

“Ho ho ho.” The Hutt laughed.

Leia knelt and looked at the floor. Then looked up, looking into the giant eyes. She had fought him his guards his court endlessly the fighting savage she had won every time she woke exhausted tired of fighting in the end she knew she was fighting her sub conscience that had formed into the ghostly Hutt.


“I know what I want, and I know what you want.” Leia said struggling with the announcement. 

“What would that be princess?” The Hutt rumbled.

“I want to be your slave during the dark hours of the night, to submit my body to your depravities and give myself to your minions.” Leia stated loudly. 

“Then come to me my slave, and devote yourself to me.” Jabba chuckled. 

Leia rose and lifted the brassier from her breasts then slid out of the silky bottom. 


And stepped out to the Hutt pushing her breasts against him as she gazed into his eyes, his paw touched her shoulder giving her a shutter of pleasure. Arousal flooded her mind her cheeks turned pink.

“Yes master! I am yours!” She gasped as his belly rumbled under her. His tongue slid up her chest and she pressed her face into it. His long tail slid up her leg and up her back, pressing her tight to him, as he licked her over and over. Leia’s round alabaster buttocks spread as the tail glided over her tight brown anus. Leia’s hands grasped his rippled skin, caressing it lovingly. 


Leia moaned as he clit rubbed against the curve of his belly and she spread her legs and pushed her hips into the dry, sticky and rough skin. Slowly she pushed her hips up and down as Jabba grasped the sides of her breasts, and pushed the soft globes together, his slobbery tongue rolling up the rounded undersides of her tits, sending ooze up into her cleavage.

“Yes!” She gasped joyfully as she pushed and rolled her clit up and down his rippled hide as his tongue rubbed her nipples. Slime rolled down her flat sexy belly to her crotch making her slides against her master easier.


Finally she could let go, all her reservations went out the window she fell into the darkness in the pit of her soul the stars grew bright she no longer had to fight.

Leia’s plump hairless vulva now was gleaming, and Leia felt the engorged tip of her master's cock slide down slowly along down her back as Jabba positioned it to slide up behind into her vagina. 


“Right there! Master!” Leia sighed as she reached down and spread her vulva lips; the cartilage slid down between her buttocks and flopped forward slightly. 

Her fingers slid into her wet hole as the probe slid against her fingers. She could feel the edge of the tip press into her.

Slowly Leia slid down the Hutts belly as his iridescent eyes watched, the hard whiteorgan slowly thrusting into her, she gyrated her hips and moaned like a whore as it inched into her. 

The tail supported her as she leaned back as she bent her legs and rubbed her clit and her master's cock as it slid centimeter by centimeter into her. 

“Oh Jabba!” Moaned Leia as her juices squished around the large tube sliding into her. She rolled her buttocks up and down her breasts bouncing as slime dripped off of them. Leia envisioned the long phallus nudging her cervix and popping into her womb, and she thrust herself deep onto the white rod. 


“Leia what are you doing!” Han Solo cried as he rushed to help her get off the Hutts slimy pole. Leia looked at him quizzically. Her good side, her Han, the part of her that still wanted her to fight against Jabba's control. But the real Han was not here and Leia had no intention of stopping

“I never let you out of the block of carbonite!” Leia said.

“Yes you did because you love me! Fight him! And come back!” Han grabbed her by the waist.

“Did you not hear my slave?” The Hutt rumbled. “She did not let you out of my art display.” Jabba laughed.

“Leia no!” Han pleaded.

Leia frowned and pointed to the empty block of carbonite.

“Go back, I never freed you.” Leia snarled.

“Nooo!” Han screamed as his body was pulled back to the block.

“Haw! Haw! Haw!” Jabba laughed as Han took the frozen grotesque image and solidified. 

“Only you ucould have done that my sweet!” Jabba chuckled as gently stroked Leia's back. "Now you are mine!"

Leia smiled at her master's praise. She opened her mouth to thank him, but whatever words she had were lost in a deep groan of satisfaction as Jabba's tail resumed thrusting between her legs.

Soon she was lost once again in the pleasure of servicing her master and all thoughts of Han, her friends, and her life out in the conscious world were competely forgotten. Han had never been unfrozen, Luke had never rescued her, and now she would remain Jabba's slave for the rest of her life.

Leia hoped this beautiful nightmare would never end. 


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