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In her time on screen as Jabba's slave, Leia is uncharacteristically subdued and quiet. When Luke arrives she doesn't say a word and remains posed like a pretty slave next to her master. She constantly lokks back with fear at Jabba and even as Luke steps over the pit she doesn't warn him. So was the subissiveness and fear that Leia showed part of an act to have Jabba lower his guard, or did the hutt find a way to begin breaking the stubborn Princess? How would he have accomplished this in such a short time?


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From what I understand, "Jabba stretched his left hand around her waist and placed it commandingly on her hip ... Jabba eagerly continued his ministrations as Leia groaned in protest and disgust ... Jabba's hunger for the princess would not be denied. Forcefully, he squeezed her cheeks with his chubby fingers until her mouth opened, causing her to groan in surrender. His tongue rose from her neck where it had strayed, slobbered up her chin, then plunged through her full, red lips." He obviously did some things to Leia that made her submit.
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First off, about not saying a word when Luke was standing over the pit, i say Leia didn't know it was a trap door and it was her first time seeing someone fall down it.

About Leia being so submissive and quiet after a short period has passed, i believe before Luke came, she was Jabba's slave for a day or two and was subjected to a lot of suffering involving sexual harassment and the humiliation of being a pet to the Hutt and treated as such. Not to mention being at the mercy of a large strong alien sitting right behind her holding the chain to her collar he can choke her to death with at will if she displeases him and being forced to perform duties that would really damage her name.There was nothing she could do about it; if she resisted too much then her suffering would be worse or even face death, so it would be only a matter of time before Leia  has no choice but to surrender herself to Jabba and have faith help will come.

And as for when Luke arrived, i say Leia's experience of Hutt slavery thus far was traumatic to the point where until there was an opening to strike, she just couldn't bring herself to be very defiant because of all she experienced and how much it injured her spirit. Leia was indeed on her way to being broken.

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