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"Soon you will learn to appreciate me." - Jabba the Hutt to his enslaved princess.

This site is dedicated to the infamous 150 seconds of screen time featuring Slave Leia and her master Jabba the Hutt, and to the art, videos, cosplay, fiction, and discussion these scenes inspire. Here you will find screenshots and behind the scenes photos, fanart and fakes, videos, fanfiction and fannon and a forum where you can discuss (and drool) the enslavement of Princess Leia Organa. How long was Leia Jabba's slave? What was her experience leashed to the hutt's side? What if Leia had never escaped during the battle at the Sarlacc? Find the correct section in the forums and add your on topics and questions.

Disclaimer: This is the return of the Discuss and Drool Site that was removed by its original creator. This is site is intended for fan discussion and parody only. Leia, Jabba, and Star Wars are all owned by Disney